What should you take to the Territorial Defense Forces training?

What should you take to the Territorial Defense Forces training?

The number of soldiers in the Territorial Defense Forces (WOT) has already exceeded 20,000 and is constantly growing. People taking part in the basic training receive the necessary equipment from the unit also contains a section - "What is worth taking with you to the training?". These subjects will certainly make the 12-hour exercises a little easier for you, regardless of the mode in which you do them. The guide of the military shop SpecShop.pl will help you choose the right equipment.

Of course, we will omit the most common accessories, which you can easily buy in any nearby shop, such as medicines, hygiene products or snacks. We will focus on the means that will improve your safety, facilitate movement and maintain hygiene during high physical effort.

First of all, the layer of clothes closest to the body - T-shirt and socks. The main advantage of cotton is its comfort and pleasant to the touch texture, however, in case of intensive physical effort its biggest disadvantages are revealed. It absorbs moisture quickly and dries very slowly. This is due to the specific structure of the cotton, which binds water and at the same time becomes wet to the touch even at low humidity.

In the case of training, synthetic blended clothing, such as the popular thermo-active lingerie for athletes, will be much better. It removes moisture in the form of steam to the outside, while preventing the escape of warm air. In our opinion, the polish Tervel tactical underwear is recommendable - the materials used in them guarantee great thermal comfort and convenience.

LOWA Z8N military boots

Good quality boots will be characterized by propper breathability but to use its full capabilities you should use relevant socks

Another important element of clothing will be socks. As in the case of other underwear, they should preferably be made of a synthetic mixture with natural materials. Here, the best combination will be the use of elastane, synthetic fibers and merino wool, as for example in the Batac Operator model.

The second thing is to protect sensitive parts of the body. First of all, we recommend that you get eye protection. As the eyes are extremely susceptible to damage, in the case of strictly military applications we recommend products of the American company ESS.

ESS ICE Ballistic glasses

Hands are important too - Mechanix gloves are a perfect way to protect them

ESS ballistic glasses are widely used by the military all over the world - also in Poland they are very popular. The ICE model has gained wide interest in Territories. It provides ballistic standard MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-31013, low weight which translates into high comfort and wide frameless viewfinder. It perfectly covers the eyes, while not restricting the field of vision in any direction.

AltaFLEX 360 Vibram Kneepads

Ochraniacze kolan pozwolą uniknąć przewlekłych urazów stawów - Model AltaFLEX 360 dostępny jest również w kolorze zielonym

Another area susceptible to damage is the joints of our lower limbs. Ankles are usually protected by shoe uppers, while according to the WOT suggestion it is worth to get knee protectors. Whether you use lightweight insoles or knee pads, they will protect you from injuries that can have long-term consequences. We particularly recommend the AltaFLEX 360 because of the flexible Vibram outer layer which combines excellent protection with high mobility.

Not only during exercise, but also in everyday life, multitool or an ordinary folding knife will prove very useful. When buying a knife for outdoor applications, it is worth to buy models with a solid construction. However, it is not necessary to use the hardest and most durable steel. For field use, we recommend models with a high degree of rustproofness and easy to sharpen, such as the G10 series from KA-BAR.

Ka-Bar Jarosz Beartooth Folder

Knife will be great company in field or in city

In contrast, in the case of multitools we recommend smaller models that will not add weight to the already abundant equipment. Models such as Rev or Wingman can handle most of the tasks perfectly, just like their larger counterparts. The design of both models leaves nothing to be desired, and Leatherman multitools are covered by a 25-year failure-free service guarantee.

Multitool Leatherman Rev

Leatherman multitools are synonym of reliability

We have also prepared a list of quick links to all categories listed on the infographic:
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- Gun maintenansce
- Boots maintenance
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- Protectors
- Socks
- First Aid
- Insect repellents
- Flashlights
- Multitools
- Knives
- Paracord
- Sewing kit

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