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MRE - Meal Ready to Eat

MRE - Meal Ready to EatDuring military campaigns, besides ongoing battles, the second most important factor is logistics and continuity of supply. It has long been known that a full stomach has a positive effect on morale; it is not different at present. The same applies to us, during survival trips, with friends in advance or for several-day ASG maneuvers. That we have the power to act, our body needs "fuel". In addition to the constantly supplied water, energy is necessary, and this is obtained from nutritious meals rich in nutrients and vitamins.
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How to carry your beloved... handgun

How to carry your beloved... handgunWhether you are using a duty Glock or a sporting Shadow 2, the selection of the right holster for your weapon and application is one of the key elements of safe operation of a pistol or revolver. Depending on whether we are a sports shooter, a uniformed officer or a security officer working undercover, we will need completely different models whose wide cross-section is provided by the store.
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Tactical backpack, small or large?

Tactical backpack, small or large?Depending on our lifestyle, the way in which we transport the most needed items can vary dramatically. The basic question we should ask ourselves is whether we need a backpack for this. If the answer is yes, our guide may be quite useful. Due to the wide range of volumes, the article is based on the products of the Polish brand Wisport, however, it can be related to every manufacturer.
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