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How to sharpen a knife?

How to sharpen a knife?
When using the knife, each user will achieve the moment when they will have to sharpen it. For novice users, this is quite a challenge, because the knife accessories market offers a wide selection of sharpeners and sharpening systems. Remember that no sharpener or sharpening system will do the work for us. Also our best manual skills will not help much without proper and correctly selected sharpening equipment.

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Quick look on sunglasses

Quick look on sunglassesAs everyone knows, every thing in excess is harmful and it is no different in the case of ultraviolet radiation. In spite of several undoubted benefits, like the help in the formation of vitamin D3 or an attractive tan, the UV range carries several serious risks. One of them is photochemical cataract - clouding of the lens caused by long-term exposure to radiation. An excellent way to protect yourself against it is to use sunglasses with an appropriate filter, and the questions on how to properly choose and distinguish sunglasses from those that only pretend to be shop will answer in this guide.
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How to become the fire mage

How to become the fire mageThe ability to light a fire is crucial for any bushcraft fan. Windproof jet lighter undoubtedly has many advantages, but those interested in survival will appreciate the reliability of the flint much more. Besides, using a lighter when we want to feel the atmosphere of "survival" is as pleasant as using the AK-47 during a deer hunt - as if it was easier, but in the back of our head we feel that it is not exactly what we expected.
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