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Tactical Clothes

( number of products: 2063 )

It has always been known that military clothes not only look good, but above all they are durable and designed for high utility and comfort. The SpecShop Military Shop offers a whole range of modern military clothing, including military shoes and tactical shoe boots, tactical gloves, police trousers, military uniforms, uniformed sweatshirts and combat shirts. Tactical clothing from our offer is used by uniformed users in everyday work, exercises on the polygon as well as foreign missions. In the military section, special attention should be paid to rainwater-proof ponchos, silver ions socks for foot hygiene, winter boots with GORE-TEX® membrane due to waterproofness, heat insulating clothing for cold, tactical gloves for working with weapons and every day. Military clothing is available in various camouflages and colours including Multicam, Camogrom, Woodland, A-Tacs, Coyote Brown, Pencott. Shop SpecShop also recommends masking scarves, bandana and camouflage garments and camo net.