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Personal water-carrying equipment - from water flasks to modern hydration systems
As probably all of you know, the human body requires (depending on the environment, the intensity of physical activity, etc.) around two liters of water daily to be able to function correctly. For most, that isn’t new information, yet still many people struggle to reach that minimal level of hydration throughout the day. Achieving a proper hydration level stays an important problem since the beginning of times, even though technology went far ahead in all fields concerned - on the battlefields, tourism, sports, and everyday life.
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The most challenging survival course for Polish Army. How to not get caught in enemy terrain, what to eat in the forest, how to escape the enemy?
The SERE course, which stands for “Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape” is a three-level course designed for soldiers and personnel at risk of isolation - which means finding themselves separated from allied forces in enemy territory. It has to teach and prepare them for surviving in such an environment, but also how to behave if caught by the enemy and during extraction by friendly forces.
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Survival in isolation - how to behave during escape or in enemy territory
In this blog post, we are going to talk about the most important to us elements of survival, which come in handy in an emergency situation, during the escape from the enemy, or SERE B and C courses, about which you can read in our previous blog post about SERE courses, those abilities will also profit us in everyday life. We will shortly talk about what survival is, its four essential elements, which help us prepare for such situations, ways to gather food and water, building shelter, camouflage, and movement, which are five basic abilities for successful survival.
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What to wear under a helmet - caps and balaclavas for military personnel
Suppose you ever had anything to do with helmets. In that case, you probably know that they can cause all sorts of troubles to your head: not only with their weight but also because they cause skin irritation by rubbing, or just not offering any insulation against cold or heat. Of course, they will not let rain through, but that’s where their protection against the elements ends. The most important thing is that they do not offer any protection against losing heat from our head, through which, as we all know, we lose most of our body heat.
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Long johns or thermoactive underwear - which winter underwear will be best for soldiers?
With days getting colder and colder, we are more often starting to think about the upcoming wintertime. For people doing mainly outdoor activities, it is an especially hard season, during which it is very important to take care of yourself, to avoid falling sick and other unpleasantnesses that come with freezing temperatures, as well as staying in top shape. The best defense for such times is provided by well-chosen clothes. In this post, we are going to show you some recommendations for army winter underwear, including socks, which should help you with maintaining a comfortable temperature.
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Best military boots for winter - quick look
Warm summer, unfortunately, goes away and hot nights with mosquitoes need to wait another year. We are all starting to sink into rainy days and scarce sun shining through the clouds, preparing us for winter colds to come. We are also beginning to look through our wardrobes for winter clothing, to help us preserve just a little more warmth on long patrols on cold nights, quick actions during snowstorms, and other situations in charming, white, scenery. This series of blog posts will help us in choosing the best clothing for winter chills, covering both urban jungle and the aforementioned charming, white, mountain trails, hiding freezing danger.
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