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Airsoft Guns (SoftGun)

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The replica you need depends only on you, and maybe a little bit on your wallet's condition, but you can always arrange it by credit card payment. SpecShop softgun store offers proven and tested ASG replicas from the best manufacturers, including Tokyo Marui from Japan, Ares and Amoeba airsoft from Hong Kong, Socom Gear and EC air soft from Taive, ASG DK from Denmark, Umarex from Germany. Before you make a choyce, you have to consider whether you choose a sprinkler motorized sniper asg (VSR-10) or a gas driven airsoft electric rifle type M4 or AK. The spring gun is cheap but rather suitable for beginners, it is better to use the replica of a gas pistol (GBB) e. g.1911 or M92 or AEP pistols. A separate category are replicas of handguns, including Airsoft revolvers powered by the Co2 capsule, which are powerful and therefore suitable for shooting at the target rather than at the airsoft play. A separate category of air soft replicas of these rifles and pistols are historical guns, ideal for staging and historical reconstruction. When buying a replica, don't forget about BB 6mm ammunition and the most important, safety glasses. If you would like to increase the power of your ASG replica at the time of purchase or later, replace your HopUp sealing or change inner barrel with a precision one, please contact our airsoft technical service.