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Tuning of Airsoft AEG replicas
Tuning - improving the performance of replicas - has always aroused extreme emotions in the ASG enviroment. Some people think that's normal form of achieving the advantage on the battlefield, just like tactics, team coordination, conectivity and individual skills. According to other people - a factor changing the joyous fun of the bloody mess.
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Red dots: small red dot
Anyone who goes to the shooting environment, sooner or later you will hear about the legendary Finnish sniper shooter - Simo Häyhä. Simo is known that the outbreak of the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union treated as the opening of the season for the Red Army. Amazing results achieved through the use of a number of ''patents'', which is probably the most recognizable dispense with the use of the telescope to keep the lowest profile figure and avoid reflections on the lens.
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Beginning an adventure with ASG
Do you want to get started with airsoft? Well right place. This text was created just for you. The network probably come across hundreds of gigabytes of material, but it's hard to find a tutorial that shows you clearly a short shopping list. And so without further ado let's get to the point.
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Bio(logical) BB's
Airsoft guests in Poland roughly from the mid-90s Although the sport for a long time was so niche that almost underground - enough to say that organized by the portal II Rally Maniacs in 2001, ASG has collected approx. 40 players from around the country. But later the avalanche was started.
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How not to become a dr House
As already widely known - the need to protect the eyes from years and even not proper to argue. The shooting environments also been difficult to find groups of not using hearing protection. But that's not all. There are a number of injuries, which does not defend against even the best glasses and most advanced hearing protection.
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Hearing protectors - how not to become Beethoven among shooters
In contrast to vision loss, hearing loss is much more insidious. Is gradual and many people are affected by this issue does not respond in time, because they simply do not realize that something is wrong. Years of hard work have resulted in solutions that allowed a limit rising tide of deafness in the military and industry. The beneficiaries are also marksmen.
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