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Ka-Bar Utility Survival Knives

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Established in 1897 in Olean, NY, became well-known during the unfortunate period of World War 2, when on 23 November 1942 designed KA-BAR Knife, Fighting Utility for U.S. Marine Corps.
Thanks to reliable, rock-solid and ergonomic design this knife performed perfectly both during hand-to-hand combat and everyday military tasks like punching nails, sticking tents, opening ration packs cans or digging holes. With regard to high-quality and huge popularity it was adopted by U.S. Navy for Underwater Demolition Teams. After the war knife became available on the market, where associates us in the classic, legendary form and numerous modern versions. KA-BAR Knife, Fighting Utility obtained such a fame, that in 1952 the producer decided to adopt this name for the whole company known since then as KA-BAR Knives., Inc. The offer of KA-BAR products is constantly developed to satisfy growing consumer needs and wants. Give a try to KA-BAR knives and one thing is sure - you will never regret that.