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Practical Christmas gift for bushcraft, shooting, airsoft fan

Practical Christmas gift for bushcraft, shooting, airsoft fan

A suitable gift will please the recipient, and if it is practical, it will be enjoyed for years. While browsing our offer, we found a few ideas that can be given to a fan of bushcraft, shooting or airsoft. We tried to focus on universal solutions that will please not only hobbyists. Check out our short blog - maybe it will inspire you and help you choose a Christmas present for your family and friends.

Victorinox pocket knife - a practical Christmas gift

Let's start with the classic of a utility gift - a pocket knife. It is really the first thought when we are looking for a functional gift, not necessarily knowing the needs of the person we plan to give. Practical and elegant, good-quality pocket knife will appeal to many people, regardless of age. Unlike the knife, it will not evoke unnecessary associations, but it will certainly be more universal in everyday use. When we think of a pocket knife, we automatically turn our thoughts to Victorinox - the Swiss icon of multifunctional tools. For over 130 years, the company has been synonymous with reliability, quality of workmanship and timeless design.

Pomysł na prezent - scyzoryk Victorinox

One of the most characteristic models will be Victorinox Huntsman in a classic red frame. It is one of the most popular products in the company's offer - for good reason. It includes a universal, optimized set of tools that will work both on a daily basis and during trips to the countryside. Cladding made of shiny, red Celidor gives it classic aesthetics and elegance. However, if we are aware that the recipient of our gift prefers a more "off-road" atmosphere, we can choose from one of the three color versions in camouflage.

Bushcraft knife - a functional gift

However, if we know that the recipient is a bushcraft enthusiast, we can confidently decide to give him a knife. We know from our own experience that there are never many of them. In this case, if we do not fully know the user's taste, it is worth choosing universal models - otherwise, you can go ahead and experiment with the entire spectrum. Nevertheless, let's focus on the former. If the knife is to be a gift, it is worth presenting it appropriately in addition to its utility value.

Nóż Schrade SCHF59

For a strictly utility model, we can recommend Schrade SCHF59, for example. It is a knife designed to work in the field, both in terms of design and materials used in it. The blade made of mechanically resistant 65Mn steel was covered with a durable anti-corrosion coating. In combination with raw G10 cladding, it provides the knife with excellent resistance to both mechanical and chemical damage. The model fits perfectly in the hand and will allow for both precise cuts and heavier camp work, such as baring. The set includes a rigid, polymer sheath that perfectly holds the knife in any situation.

Classic military knife KA-BAR USMC

The KA-BAR USMC Fighting / Utility Knife is also a very good choice, but definitely less usable. The legendary model, whose roots go back to the Second World War, will be a great gift for any hobbyist associated with this period. Thanks to the inscriptions, buffalo leather hilt and classic scabbard, the knife perfectly reflects the realities of the era and looks great, whether in use or in a display case. The model also has a countless number of derivative versions, so knowing the preferences of the future owner, we can slightly adjust its character.


Outdoor flashlight - a functional gift

Who doesn't need a flashlight? Regardless of whether it will be used as an emergency light at home, a car aid or a partner for night trips, it will be suitable for every user. Our offer includes both flashlights intended for everyday use as well as large models that provide a strong beam of light. The second group includes the Mactronic Falcon Eye ALPHA 2.4, providing good performance at an affordable price. The diode used in it reaches a maximum of 500 lumens of power of the stream, and thanks to the rotating crown, it is possible to adjust the focus of the beam. The 2200 mAh cell can be recharged thanks to the USB socket integrated in the housing. This allows you to easily replenish the energy level, both from the socket and from a car charger or power bank.

Pomysł na prezent - latarka ładowalna

However, knowing that the flashlight will be used mainly on a daily basis, it is worth considering a compact model. Inspection lights such as the Inova XP will work in most standard situations, being small enough not to impede carrying. XP is also perfect as an internist flashlight. If our friend or relative is a doctor or paramedic, it may be the perfect gift.

Pomysł na prezent - latarka LED

Urban backpack - a practical Christmas gift

A backpack is also a useful accessory, and the functionality of the tactical-military one cannot be denied. Backpacks with advanced carrying systems, i.e. usually intended for longer trips, are worth trying on before buying. A city backpack, however, can easily become a surprise gift. Their design is universal and simple enough to fit practically any back shape. Our offer includes both slightly more discreet and typically military-oriented models.

From models with urban, civil characteristics, we recommend Helikon-Tex EDC. As the name suggests, it was intended for everyday wear. Thanks to the use of durable Cordura, it will not disappoint us in any situation. The spacious main compartment allows you to easily pack a large number of accessories and clothes, and the external MOLLE straps allow you to attach additional pockets. The backpack is equipped with the VIS organizer assembly system. The velor inner panel allows you to attach pockets, holsters or magazine pouches. The versatility of the model makes it perfect for carrying documents to work and for small arms during a trip to the shooting range.

Pomysł na prezent - plecak miejski

Wisport Sparrow - military everyday backpacks

Wisport Sparrow will be a much more military backpack. We will meet it in three dimensional versions, of which 20 liters will be the best choice for urban applications. When looking for a product that would serve for years, we couldn't find a better place. Wisport is known for the use of the best quality materials - here Cordura - and excellent workmanship. Knowing that the future owner appreciates the longevity of his belongings and will need maximum durability, Wisport Sparrow will be an excellent choice. As previously mentioned, it comes in many versions, varying both in size, which is also associated with differences in the carrying system and color.

Pomysł na prezent - plecak wojskowy

Bolle Tactical ballistic glasses - a gift idea for a shooter

And finally, something a bit more specialized - shooting glasses. If our loved one is an avid shooter or airsoft player, giving him ballistic glasses will not only be a great way to keep him happy, but also to keep him safe. The eyes are an extremely sensitive organ and can be damaged during various, high-risk activities. Properly made and tested, they will protect the user from the unpleasant effects of a returning projectile coat or a rushing ball.

Pomysł na prezent - okuylary strzeleckie

One of the most popular models in our offer is Assault by Bolle Tactical. This French manufacturer has been creating glasses for many years, both with a sprung, protective and tactical profile. Models from the Tactical series, such as the discussed one, are designed to provide high protection, which is confirmed by the demanding tests under the Z.87 + and STANAG 2920 standards. they will also serve as everyday sun protection. The entire structure is made of polycarbonate to ensure the highest possible durability for the polymer. The set includes a rigid case that will keep the glasses in good condition for many years.

ESS Crossbow - the perfect gift for a shooting sports fan

There is a reason, however, the most popular model is the ESS Crossbow - the real optimum in terms of the price-quality ratio. The model is characterized by an extremely light frame that guarantees long-lasting comfort thanks to a pressure-free structure. Visors are made of polycarbonate coated with anti-fogging and scratch-resistant coatings. Their shape combines a large protection area with a full field of view. The model belongs to the Cross series that allows for quick visor replacement. This means that regardless of the lighting conditions, the glasses can be used with the separately sold visors with increased contrast or full transparency. ESS Crossbow is a functional gift that will serve you effectively for many years.

Pomysł na prezent - okulary balistyczne


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