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Long johns or thermoactive underwear - which winter underwear will be best for soldiers?

Long johns or thermoactive underwear - which winter underwear will be best for soldiers?

With days getting colder and colder, we are more often starting to think about the upcoming wintertime. For people doing mainly outdoor activities, it is an especially hard season, during which it is very important to take care of yourself, to avoid falling sick and other unpleasantnesses that come with freezing temperatures, as well as staying in top shape. The best defense for such times is provided by well-chosen clothes. In this post, we are going to show you some recommendations for army winter underwear, including socks, which should help you with maintaining a comfortable temperature.

We are going to show you socks, thermoactive underwear in some different variants, thanks to which everyone will be able to create the best set of winter underwear for himself. Here is a list of products that we are going to talk about:

  • Thermoactive pants Active Wool Merino from Brubeck
  • Thermoactive long-sleeve shirt Active Wool Merino from Brubeck
  • Long johns US - Level 1 from Helikon-Tex
  • Long sleeve shirt US - Level 1 from Helikon-Tex
  • Long johns US - Level 2 from Helikon-Tex
  • Long sleeve shirt US - Level 2 from Helikon-Tex
  • Thermoactive underwear Shooter set from Rought Radical
  • Thermoactive underwear Performance set from Mil-Tec
  • All-season trekking socks from Wisport
  • Merino wool Operator socks from BATAC
  • HeavyWeight - Winter socks from Helikon
  • Merino socks produced by Mil-Tec

Active Wool Merino long-johns made by Brubeck - ideal for wintertime activities

If you are a fan of Merino wool products, you should certainly take a look at the products of the Brubeck company. These thermoactive winter underpants were made from merino wool with the addition of synthetic microfibers, thanks to which they will not only keep you warm during winter colds but also take care of moisture build-up and move sweat away from your body, increasing your thermal comfort.

Thanks to their durable and elastic form, they will do their job in all conditions, no matter if you will use your thermoactive winter long johns under skiing pants, or under tactical or military pants. Their elastic material provides enough stretch for a full range of motions without any compromises, and their seamless construction minimizes the risk of chafing and makes sure there will be no pressure in critical spots.

Thermoactive leggings with merino wool by Brubeck

Long legs of described thermoactive winter leggings will let you forget about uncomfortable cold creeping up your legs under your hiking pants during winter walks. Thanks to utilizing modern synthetic threads neutralizing bad smells and merino wool, which provides great insulation, you can fully focus on facing the toughest of skiing trails.

Those lightweight thermoactive winter pants made of merino wool can be easily compressed, so they will not use much space in your luggage, and thanks to using only the highest quality materials in the production process they are also characterized by great breathability, thanks to which they take care of your skin's microclimate and will not trigger allergic reactions. They are the best choice for people with a tendency to interweave periods of high physical activity with resting.

Thermoactive shirt with long sleeve Active Wool Merino from Brubeck company - because we are cold not only on legs

Similarly to the described above winter thermoactive pants also this winter thermoactive shirt is made using merino wool with the addition of synthetic microfibers, thanks to which it not only keeps us warm but also takes care of sweat, moving it away from our body. Thanks to that, we are able to fully utilize combat shirts even in the winter times.

The lightweight and thin material, from which this winter thermoactive shirt is made, gives us a feeling of a second skin, which combined with seamless seam technology highly reduces the probability of chafing and further increases users' comfort. Thanks to those properties, it can successfully be used even during warmer days with a softshell jacket, and during even colder ones it can be worn under fleece as an additional insulation layer.

Longsleeve thermoactive shirt with merino wool by Brubeck

Soft and nice-to-touch material, from which the described thermoactive winter shirt is made, will take care of our thermal comfort thanks to utilizing merino wool during the production process. This wool is highly renowned for its thermoregulation and antibacterial properties and with the addition of synthetic microfibers eliminating bad smells and moving sweat away from the body, it makes a perfect combination.

Same as described above winter thermoactive long-johns, also this thermoactive winter shirt takes care of our skin microclimate and does not induce allergic reactions, thus we would highly recommend it for people with physical activity levels highly varying throughout the day.

Thermoactive leggings Level 1 US from Helikon-tex - thermoactive pants inspired by US experiences

Those winter thermoactive pants produced by Helikon-Tex company were made upon a successful design of United States Army level 1 pants, which were designed to protect the wearer from chafing and scratches that might occur during training and fight, while also offering an additional thermal layer during colder days and nights spent in the wilderness or training area.

Made from Helikon-Tex® Quick Dry textile, these winter thermoactive level 1 pants are known for very good sweat retention, and thanks to utilizing synthetic materials also for quick drying. Thanks to that, they will quickly go dry, even after a long period of high-intensity training. Sweat gathering on your legs? Not with these thermoactive winter leggings. Good sweat retention is extremely important during winter time when sweat might quickly freeze and lead to a drop in our body temperature and thus to hypothermia.

Thermoactive level 1 leggings from Helikon-Tex

The seamless construction of said thermoactive winter pants renders our fears of chafing meaningless, and a very well thought fly will let us take care of our most important needs without the need of letting all that comfy warmth out of our pants. These leggings do not take up much space, thanks to which they will fit perfectly in our luggage or military backpack.

The upper part of well-known set of thermoactive underwear - thermoactive shirt US - Level 1 from Helikon-tex

Made, similarly to the aforementioned winter thermoactive Level 1 US pants, out of Helikon-Tex® Quick Dry fabric this thermoactive winter shirt is also based upon the successful design of United States Army thermoactive set design to offer an additional layer of protection against chafing, scratches, and cold weather.

Thermoactive level 1 winter shirt is characterized by very good sweat retention from the user’s body and short drying time, which are very important when in the field, as time is always scarce to take care of oneself and equipment, and we will not have time to take every individual layer off and dry it. Thanks to those properties, we do not need to worry about sweat running down our body, which could lead to chafing and drastically lower body temperature in winter conditions.

Longsleeve thermoactive shirt level 1 from Helikon-Tex

As in the pants also this thermoactive winter shirt utilizes seamless production technology. The ends of sleeves are equipped with holes for the thumb, allowing us to utilize them as gloves, thus holding sleeves in place.

But which leggings for winter do you recommend? Check out thermoactive US - Level 2 leggings from Helikon-tex!

If you are like me, and you are cold even in warm springtime, or you are looking for an additional layer to wear after temperatures drop below freezing and military thermoactive level 1 underwear is not enough, then you should definitely check military thermoactive underwear level 2. This layer focuses more on insulation from cold, forfeiting a bit of breathability to provide better insulation. It comes with long legs and does not create irritating chafes.

To achieve that, designers utilize a waffle-grid-like pattern on the inside of these winter thermoactive leggings. Thanks to the said pattern, a layer of air gets trapped under leggings thus creating yet another insulating layer, trapping more heat closer to the user's body. Additionally, thanks to making those thermoactive winter pants out of Helikon-Tex® Quick Dry material, they still hold good breathability and sweat retention properties, allowing for sweat to be moved away from the body thus increasing comfort, reducing the risk of freezing and irritating chafing.

Thermoactive winter leggings level 2 from Helikon-Tex

These pants, similar to those described above winter thermoactive pants level 1 come equipped with a well-thought fly and were made utilizing seamless technology, which results in increasing wearing comfort even in freezing temperatures and allowing for taking care of our most basic needs without losing all the heat trapped under them.

Thanks to their high compressibility and low weight, we would recommend these thermoactive military leggings to people who like more warm clothing, as well as those planning physical activity with low intensity as an additional insulation layer.

And which thermoactive shirt for cold weather set? Of course, thermoactive US - Level 2 shirt from Helikon-tex!

Said thermoactive winter shirt is also made utilizing the same waffle grid pattern as the aforementioned thermoactive level 2 winter pants, having great insulation properties while also creating an additional insulation layer out of air trapped in said pattern, thus greatly increasing our thermal comfort.

Equipped with a long collar and openings for thumbs at the ends of sleeves, this thermoactive winter shirt will keep care of our thermal comfort even in cold winds. Being made out of Helikon-Tex® Quick Dry material, it will remove sweat from our body and force it outside, keeping our body dry and ready for the next challenges. At the same time, if it gets wet it will quickly dry off, thanks to which the risk of freezing liquid touching our body is minimized, and so is the risk of freezing or quickly losing temperature.

Thermoactive winter long sleeve shirt level 2 by Helikon-TEx

This winter thermoactive shirt is made with seamless technology, thanks to which we do not have to be scared of chaffing or irritating our skin, and the wearing comfort will stay the same no matter the weather we will have to face! Thanks to great compressibility, this thermoactive winter shirt will be a great choice for people leaning towards the warmer side of the year and those planning low-intensity physical activities as an additional insulation layer.

What military winter underwear set? Maybe Rough Radical Shooter?

For people with shooting close to their hearts, and all fans of shooting around the world, we would like to recommend a military winter underwear set from the Polish company Rough Radical. This long set of thermoactive underwear consists of thermoactive winter leggings and a long-sleeved winter thermoactive shirt with the addition of a balaclava, which makes it the most complete set in our post.

All of said thermoactive winter underwear set parts were made of the highest quality synthetic materials which remove sweat from the body extremely fast, leaving it dry and thus warm. This set will be a great choice for fans of intensive physical activity even during cold times, thanks to it drying really quickly and the very good breathability of the material.

Rough Radical thermoactive winter underwear set Shooter

Thanks to the addition of elastane, both thermoactive shirt, and thermoactive leggings fit snugly to the wearer's body and do not prohibit movement, which is very important when doing sports. Underwear was made in seamless technology, thus the risk of chaffing is minimized, rendering our travels much more comfortable.

The material used during the production of described military winter underwear set has antibacterial properties, thanks to which it does not hold scents, which is very important when we are forced to wear the same set of winter underwear for a few days in a row. The balaclava that comes as part of the set has one hole and makes a great addition, allowing us to heat the face.

Military winter underwear set with the aggressive look - Mil-Tec Performance winter thermoactive underwear

Probably everyone knows the German company Mil-Tec which specializes in the production of survival equipment, and military and outdoor clothing. Our list could not be complete without a set of winter underwear for their production.

Said winter thermoactive underwear set is produced of highly elastic 4-Way Stretch material which will not only make our silhouette stand out but will also keep moisture away from our body and keep our body warm during colder days. An aggressive look, achieved by utilizing black-colored parts, is a great, good-looking addition to a well-made winter thermoactive underwear set.

4-way Performance winter thermoactive underwear from Mil-Tec

Thanks to utilizing mostly synthetic materials it does not soak moisture, it does exactly the opposite! When worn close to the body, this thermoactive underwear set moves the moisture away from the user's body, keeping it dry, thus increasing thermal comfort and protecting the wearer from the risk of freezing sweat-draining body heat.

This set of winter thermoactive underwear also utilizes seamless technology to minimize the risk of chafing while taking care of the microbiome of our skin. Additionally, materials used during the production of the described set show antibacterial properties, which prolong the time before we start feeling them with our noses and do not irritate the body.

We would recommend the Mil-Tec winter thermoactive underwear set to all fans of intensive physical activity in the fresh air. This set will not only be good as an additional insulation layer during the cold season but also alone in the summer when it is easy to get all sweaty when working out.

What about feet? Special winter socks from Wisport!

If you are looking for special winter socks, which do not care about ever-changing weather, or just some good socks to wear through any season, then you are in a good place! Meet all-seasons trekking socks, produced by the Polish Wisport company, which are the essence of well-designed socks for every challenge. If we were looking for something to compare them to, we would need to compare them to good terrain tires. These special winter socks will let you walk long roads without a loss of comfort.

Made mostly out of CoolMax material, these winter socks are characterized by great moisture retention but also breathability, both of which are very important, especially during winter. For sure, you had a time when your socks were covered in ice when you pulled them out of your boots after a walk in freezing temperatures. It was because of the moisture that was moved from your feet to the outside of your socks but couldn’t escape the inside of your boots. With special winter socks from Wisport, you can be sure that you won’t have frozen socks!

Special winter trekking socks by Wisport

Designed especially to work best with tactical boots and trekking boots, these winter socks have well-placed reinforcements and padding, put there to give your foot as much comfort and support as possible, especially during long marches. At the same time, synthetic materials with antibacterial properties used in these winter special socks production process take care of the bad smell, pushing this problem way into the future and taking care of the comfort of not only the user but also the people around him.

The well-thought design of these winter socks allows for avoiding grazing and swelling of wearers' feet, which may break even the best journeys and most beautiful trails. One of the biggest factors in that is a flat seam in the finger area, thanks to which they are not constantly rubbed and irritated by it, and a wide welt, thanks to which socks stay where they should and forbid small objects from falling inside our boot.

Dedicated winter socks HeavyWeight from Helikon-Tex - for people preferring dedicated solutions

As much as previous special winter socks would make great winter socks as for any other season, there are fans of dedicated solutions about which we can not forget. For all those, we would like to present HeavyWeight winter socks from Helikon-Tex!

Heavy Weight winter socks by Helikon-TEx

These military winter socks are designed to be anatomically correct, and thanks to that and specifically chosen materials, they offer very good comfort even in temperatures below freezing. Worth mentioning is also a flat seam in the finger area, thanks to which they will not be constantly irritated by its up and down movement. Said winter socks also come equipped with wide welts, thanks to which they will stay in place even during very intense movement and will not cut blood supply to our feet.

Winter socks from merino wool - Operator by BATAC company

These merino wool military winter socks are produced by renowned Czech company BATAC and are designed to ensure the highest levels of thermal comfort for users' feet in low and below-freezing temperatures. The insulating layer of said socks is made from the highest quality merino wool.

Thanks to the special design, these military winter socks allow for prolonged use without discomfort. They are specifically designed to fit feet arches, thanks to which they reduce the effect of tired feet during prolonged marches through heavy terrains. Another thing worth mentioning is that these winter socks were finished with silver thread, improving their antibacterial properties and reducing bad smell by reducing the number of bacteria that can multiply over time. Active ions of silver also help support the healing of small wounds on our feet, thanks to which said military winter socks are a very good choice for intensive use, where chafing and blisters happen every day.

Merino wool winter socks by BATAC

The insulation layer in those military winter socks is made from the highest quality merino wool delivered by Schoeller company. It is worth noting, that the insulation layer was also placed in the bottom part, and by the fingers, thus providing warmth for the whole feet. Such a thing is not so obvious for all winter socks.

The high design of those military winter socks with an additional layer of material in the shin area protects the user from cold, and fits high boots better, thanks to which we do not have to fear abrasions from boots.

Olive winter military socks with merino wool - Merino Socks from Mil-Tec

High-quality olive military winter socks produced by a well-known Mil-Tec company utilizing merino wool are a very good choice for winter activities. Thanks to high-quality merino wool being used in the process of production, these military winter socks will certainly keep your feet warm, and a soft inner layer made with terry cloth material will ensure comfort.

Mil-Tec olive winter socks with merino wool

The design of said military winter socks includes a flat seam in the fingers area, such a feat reduces the risk of chafing and blisters. Fingers and heel area are also reinforced with an additional layer of material, highly increasing its resistance to tearing, rendering said military winter socks from Mil-Tec a good choice for many years of use.

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