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Five interesting accessories for AR-15 carbines

Five interesting accessories for AR-15 carbines

The AR-15 carbines, apart from the advantages resulting from their design, have a great, additional advantage - they are extremely popular. Thanks to this, we can find thousands of accessories and spare parts on the market, allowing us to perfectly match the configuration to our needs. Manufacturers include both mass production-oriented creators of cheap equipment, as well as the highest-quality materials and extremely specialized designers of the most expensive solutions.

At, we always try to choose products that ensure the highest quality at a reasonable price - for this reason, we have become an official distributor of, among others, Magpul - a manufacturer of innovative, extremely useful and solidly made accessories, but also available to everyone - the company's policy is based on excellent process optimization production and materials used enable the combination of favorable features appreciated by military units all over the world.

We cannot forget about Strike Industries, which in turn is typically geared towards the civilian market. Functionality is combined here with a modern, rather not discreet style - many products are anodized in bright colors. This makes the accessories perfect for sports applications - many of them were created strictly for dynamic shooting. Strike Industries commonly uses aluminum in its products, which allows for a significant reduction in the size and weight of parts while maintaining the necessary stiffness and strength.

However, moving on to interesting accessories, we wanted to introduce you to:
  • Magpul B.A.D. Leaver
  • Strike Industries Curved Fore Grip LINK
  • Magpul MOE K2 Pistol Grip
  • SI Optimus Adjustable Buffer
  • SI Cookie Cutter Muzzle Brake

Magpul Battery Asssit Device Lever

The Battery Assist Device is a lever mounted on the AR-15 carabiner bolt release, enabling the button to be operated with the index finger of the right hand. The lever has been designed in a way ensuring the lowest possible profile, so it should not cause the risk of getting caught on the equipment. The element passes through the bail, ensuring the possibility of operation even for people with shorter fingers.

Dźwignia zwalniacza do AR-15 BAD Lever

However, focusing on its functionality - in sports applications it will enable a significant acceleration of empty reloading, also eliminating the possibility of an unsuccessful feeling of the retarder button. In the case of tactical applications, it will significantly facilitate the operation of the rifle with one hand in the event of an injury to the left hand. The device arouses an interesting discussion about learning how to use weapons. Opponents of this type of solutions claim that accessories that deviate from the mil-spec standard cause the acquisition of habits that will be felt when using someone else's carbine. However, it is worth asking yourself how many times during the competition, even if we started with someone else's carabiner? We assume not often.

Strike Industries Curved Fore Grip

The second, in our opinion, very successful accessory is the Strike Industries CFG angular grip. The element is a bit difficult to classify - it really combines the features of an angular grip and a hand stop, but clearly towards the latter. The gently arched end of the grip allows you to comfortably rest your hand both completely flat and at an angle by sliding it backwards. The front of the handstop also acts as a so-called "barrier stop" - in the case of using covers, it allows us to clamp the weapon against their surface. This will be useful for both dynamic shooting apertures and targets for combat shooting.

Chwyt przedni Strike Industries CFG

The Curved Front Grip model is made of milled aluminum - as we mentioned earlier, this allows the dimensions and weight of the accessory to be limited, while providing it with the necessary strength. In the case of this model, the grip is also exposed to impacts when used as a barrier stop. An extremely interesting solution, patented by Strike Industries, is the LINK mounting system. It allows the installation of the grip on both M-LOK and KeyMod rails. This is a considerable advantage, considering the limited number of accessories dedicated to the second system.

MOE K2 Pistol Grip

MOE K2 is, in our opinion, one of the best pistol grips that has been designed for the AR platform. The low angle of the grip allows for a comfortable positioning of the hand even in the case of a very short LOP - the grip will therefore be an excellent choice for any PDW type stock. However, it works no worse for classically sized carbines - the large volume and effective texturing make the MOE K2 very firmly in the hand, making it easier to maneuver the weapon. Noteworthy are also a notch in the ridge and a prominent spur - beavertail. They facilitate the correct positioning of the hand on the grip, and thus the optimal removal of the trigger.

Chwyt pistoletowy Magpul MOE K2

The MOE series itself is also worth special attention - it is difficult to find a line from another manufacturer with such a good price-quality ratio. Accessories created within its framework are made of a special nylon blend, reinforced with glass fiber. This material has excellent mechanical properties - resistance to abrasion, impacts - and is also chemically inert to preparations for cleaning weapons. The well-thought-out form of the models makes them extremely resistant to extreme conditions and treatment - this is why Magpul has won over so many users.

Strike Industries Optimus Adjustable Buffer

The adjustable return device buffer is a bit more advanced and specialized equipment. The device, thanks to the large number of attached weights, allows you to precisely select the weight, which in turn allows you to improve the work culture of our carabiner. In the event that our carabiner is factory-gauze, we can use heavy, tungsten weights that inhibit the movement of the slider to a greater extent. In case of reliability problems - we mean problems with feeding ammunition from the magazine - we can relieve the buffer, giving the bolt more freedom of work.

Regulowany bufor do AR-15

The buffer also has a lot of advantages when using silencers. As you know, the models of silencers without flow solutions mean that the gas tube of the rifle is supplied with a much larger amount of gases than in the case of a barrel without a silencer. Apart from the larger amount of impurities, it causes a much more intense recoil. The adjustable buffer allows to limit this phenomenon in case of using the outlet device. However, when we are not using it, we can re-adjust the weight of the buffer to the factory value.

Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Muzzle Brake

Cookie Cutter, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of a silencer - this muzzle brake perfectly suppresses recoil, ensuring a flat and imperceptible action of the weapon. However, it is worth remembering that the model very intensively discharges gases to the sides, which can make people who shoot nearby quickly dislike us. Nevertheless, in the applications for which it was created, it works great. The geometry itself copes well with the discharge of gases, and the high weight of the device additionally stabilizes the carbine when shooting.

Kompensator do AR-15 Cookie Cutter

The Cookie Cutter isn't the only successful muzzle device from Strike Industries, however. The manufacturer's offer will include both slightly more classically shaped models, but not different in functionality, such as the J-Comp model inspired by the Japanese Type 89 muzzle break. For those looking for the lightest possible solutions, we recommend the WartHog and Sail models - definitely more compact, but still extremely effective.



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