Accessories for the AR-15 from Magpul - CLUB 308 review

Accessories for the AR-15 from Magpul - CLUB 308 review

The choice of pistol grip and stock is one of the first things a new owner improves in his dream rifle. But with all parts available on the market, choosing the best AR-15 pistol grip can be a challenge.

MAGPUL owes its brand name to the AR-15 and AK platform accessory series. It has become known as the creator of perfectly thought-out, technically, functionally and in terms of design, practical weapons accessories.

Magpul MOE-K2 is a full-size pistol grip with a reduced, compared to standard, angle of inclination towards the receiver. Perfectly suited to AR carbines in compact configurations, with short LOP (Lenght Of Pull). Significantly improves ergonomics when used with PDW or AR-15 rifle with collapsible stock. It will also be an excellent choice for shooters using the increasingly popular PCC - Pistol Caliber Carbine

Akcesoria do karabinków AR-15 Magpul MOE

In cases where the operator uses PDW type stocks, the shortened LOP makes the manipulation of weapons much closer to the operator's body. An almost vertical grip - 17 degrees - provides an additional distance between the hand and body, while ensuring stability and relieving strain on the wrist. Compared to the Mil-spec grips (28 degrees) it is a huge improvement in ergonomics.

Akcesoria do karabinków AR-15 Magpul MOE

Aggressive texture of the Trapezoidal Surface Projections prevents the hand from slipping even when wet or covered with mud. Add to that a huge beaver tail that lowers the grip and you get a great grip on your gun. The use of a reinforced polymer allows you to combine low weight with above-average strength. One-piece design translates into the lack of critical points that weaken the structure.

Flap closed compartment cooperates with interchangeable Magpul CORE inserts, like the whole MOE line. We recommend the cartridge with 15 ml oil container, spare batteries or M&M's.

Akcesoria do karabinków AR-15 Magpul MOE

Collapsible stocks are nice and functional, it is not difficult to deny it. They allow the shooter to adjust the individual folding to the rifle quickly and without problems. But not everyone likes an collapsible stocks, where there is some slack - minimal however. For some, a solid sense of contact with the gun and the reliability of the AR-15 fixed stock are more important. And the fixed stock can be hit into something solidly without much fear :)

Akcesoria do karabinków AR-15 Magpul MOE

In combination with the above mentioned MOE K2 grip the shorterstock enables faster "extinguishing" of the weapon, especially when operating on curtains. Shortening the position by moving the stock over the shoulder and momentarily pushing it back onto the target is not a problem for a 16" barrel rifle.

The polymer reinforcement has resulted in above-average strength and the stock is extremely light thanks to the nearly no use of metal parts. Ergonomics achieved by the use of a thick foot and proper profiling of the back provides comfort for both right- and left-handed persons. For those looking for maximum comfort and suppression of kickback, compatibility with the PRS® Extended Rubber Butt-Pad will be an important feature.

Akcesoria do karabinków AR-15 Magpul MOE

Thanks to a well-thought-out design and the use of top quality materials, the stock will perform its functions for a long time. The front part of the stock has been profiled to allow the use of Magpul ASAP® sling mount. On the sides there are mounting holes for separately purchased QD ports. The holes for 1.25" slings on both sides were also made available to the user. Two caps are included in the set to allow a small change of the stock length.

The MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) series aims to create a reasonably priced alternative to standard parts while maintaining the highest quality of work and performance. Besides it looks so damn good.

Material provided courtesy of the Club 308
Photos: Trzecie Oko

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