LightSticks - Flameless Chemical Lights
Lightstick are light, waterproof, relatively cheap, multicolour, they don't need batteries, they don't heat up and they glow for up to 12 hours. Just bend it to the first ''crunch'', shake it and it's ready. Lightsticks, also known as glow plugs, or simply chemical lights, have found about a million applications over the last 40 years. The range of applications goes beyond the outdoor and military industry. For years, Lightsticks have been a sensation at parties, divers have also used them for a long time, and preppers have them as thoroughly as canned goods.
 And the knife will come in handy. Part-3: How to safely handle a knife?
Knife is as useful as it is dangerous. Theoretically, the case is simple - there is a blade with a cutting edge and a handle for holding. The problem is complicated when it comes to practice. Then there is the need for patches and sometimes stitches. Therefore, here are some tips for safe handling of knives that result from our experience. Some may know them, others do not. Anyway - it is worth repeating.
ITW Nexus
Almost fulfills the definition of Murphy's law as completely as perishable field uniforms and equipment. With trousers can be beaten in step deal in five minutes using a needle and thread, peeled off the cod line also with the help of a piece of paracord, because everyone has - or at least should - have these things with you. However, there are cases that can not be solved by using adhesive tape and black magic.
Eye protection for the eyeglass wearer
People with visual impairments are basically uphill for life. Sometimes you have to reckon with the fact that such a fate could greatly hinder the realization of the dream of serving in the military, police, or other formations uniformed cause problems when taking high driving test, and even partially spoil the enjoyment of many hobbies, where people with healthy eyes have an advantage from the start (shooting, ASG).
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