Bio(logisch) BB's
Airsoft guests in Poland roughly from the mid-90s Although the sport for a long time was so niche that almost underground - enough to say that organized by the portal II Rally Maniacs in 2001, ASG has collected approx. 40 players from around the country. But later the avalanche was started.
Food in the field
Food in the area is a sensitive subject. The forums regularly happen intense debates about the superiority of "household" rations, food cooked and cured yourself sandwiches and biscuits on food supplied by dealing with this business.
Did you ever had Headlamp?
Headlamp is one of the most brilliant inventions in the history of military and tourism. Ability to illuminate a road map reading, or spacing tent using both hands, without having to hold a flashlight in the mouth or other strange places meant that construction has gained steadily widening circle of supporters.
How not to become a dr House
As already widely known - the need to protect the eyes from years and even not proper to argue. The shooting environments also been difficult to find groups of not using hearing protection. But that's not all. There are a number of injuries, which does not defend against even the best glasses and most advanced hearing protection.
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