Tuning von Replika AEG
Tuning - improving the performance of replicas - has always aroused extreme emotions in the ASG enviroment. Some people think that's normal form of achieving the advantage on the battlefield, just like tactics, team coordination, conectivity and individual skills. According to other people - a factor changing the joyous fun of the bloody mess.
Eye protection for the eyeglass wearer
People with visual impairments are basically uphill for life. Sometimes you have to reckon with the fact that such a fate could greatly hinder the realization of the dream of serving in the military, police, or other formations uniformed cause problems when taking high driving test, and even partially spoil the enjoyment of many hobbies, where people with healthy eyes have an advantage from the start (shooting, ASG).
Red dots: small red dot
Anyone who goes to the shooting environment, sooner or later you will hear about the legendary Finnish sniper shooter - Simo Häyhä. Simo is known that the outbreak of the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union treated as the opening of the season for the Red Army. Amazing results achieved through the use of a number of ''patents'', which is probably the most recognizable dispense with the use of the telescope to keep the lowest profile figure and avoid reflections on the lens.
Beginning an adventure with ASG
Do you want to get started with airsoft? Well right place. This text was created just for you. The network probably come across hundreds of gigabytes of material, but it's hard to find a tutorial that shows you clearly a short shopping list. And so without further ado let's get to the point.
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