Clever thinking at least two steps forward. Even the parable of the tale of Noah and the three pigs taught us one very important thing - better to spend some time and money preparing for potential problems ahead of time and adversity.
Waist Pack
Fashion kidney hit with new force. Once, for a time they were very popular in the 90s, but later plunged into oblivion for several years and were found only at the merchants in the bazaars and markets as a handheld cash registers.
Notes, what water is not afraid
The year was 1916. In Europe, Africa and the then decimated the power of their citizens and subjects to the greatest madness, which at that time was given to mankind since the dawn of time to watch. In China, it continued civil war between the supporters of monarchy and republic.
When George de Mestral created the first Velcro (also known as Velcro) rather he did not realize that in a few years he will naszywkową revolution. Previously, in order to put the badge on their clothing or backpack it was necessary to laboriously work with needle and thread. Now just a few seconds and a free piece of turnip. And when such a patch to get tired - exchange does not cause any problem even moderately talented people manually.
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