Which tactical gloves to choose?

Which tactical gloves to choose?

Shooting, whether sports or tactical, exposes our hands to a number of factors that may cause more or less serious unpleasantness. From the most insignificant as irritation, from an overly aggressive grip texture to severe cuts due to environmental conditions. Of course, in the case of the "Rapid Fire Pistol" competition, the potential risk is limited to almost zero, but in the case of dynamic sports or professional applications, it is definitely worth protecting your hands against potential injuries. For this purpose, tactical gloves will of course be the best choice.

However, in addition to protecting the hand, the gloves must do something else, which is not to obstruct the shooting itself. Their design must therefore guarantee the full range of finger movement, comfort, and must not restrict our sense of touch too much. Therefore, we are looking for models that are thick enough to provide us with an appropriate level of protection and longevity, and thin enough to feel manipulators without any problems. It will be influenced not only by the thickness of the material itself, but also by the method of sewing and matching the gloves to the shooter's hand. Therefore, it is worth trying on the selected model before making a purchase decision. There are no universal gloves and it may turn out that despite the attractiveness of one model, it is worth choosing a slightly different one, which will simply fit us better.

However, today's post will not present the general outline of the features of tactical gloves, because you can find them in our blog: tratatata. In this text, we will try to present you a few models that we think deserve your attention. We will not focus here on general purpose gloves, but rather we will show you a few very different models that can hit your needs with their characteristics. However, our offer is wide and if none of the models mentioned above arouse your interest, we encourage you to browse our overview of tactical gloves.

Models of tactical gloves that we think are worth checking out:
  • Helikon Range Tactical Gloves Hard
  • Mil-Tec Touch
  • Helikon Rangeman
  • Mechanix M-Pact
  • HexArmor PointGuard® Ultra 4045

Helikon Range Tactical Gloves Hard

RTGH gloves with a twin model from Direct Action are dedicated to typically tactical applications. So what can we expect from them? Certainly, relatively high protection against abrasions and comfort during long-term use. The materials used in this and similar models combine durability with breathability. Synthetic suede effectively wicks away moisture, while ensuring a good grip of the hand. It is not without reason one of the materials most often used in work gloves.

Rękawice taktyczne Helikon Range Hard

However, it must be admitted that the biggest advantage of the discussed model is its well-thought-out design. Double layers of material do not restrict the freedom of movement thanks to the holes made at the height of the joints. Flexible inserts between the fingers provide the possibility of full extension of the hand, as is the specifically sewn-in thumb. The panels fixed in the middle finger and thumb allow for easy operation of the touch screens. Why middle and not pointing? This one is intended to operate the trigger, where a slightly more delicate screen material could wear out prematurely. A pleasant addition is also a microfiber panel that allows you to quickly clean the shooting glasses in case of dirt.

Mil-Tec Touch Tactical Gloves

However, not everyone needs a large amount of functional gadgets. Some people focus on simplicity and a low price, which is understandable when, for example, gloves are used very rarely. In this case, it is worth focusing primarily on ergonomics and comfort, putting aside longevity and durability to the background. Mil-Tec has been the king of budget military equipment for years. Its offer sometimes includes products that definitely exceed their price range in terms of quality and it is worth hunting for them. One of these types of products are Touch gloves, dedicated to shooting applications.

Rękawice taktyczne Mil-Tec Touch

The inner surface, as in many models, is made of synthetic suede. Perforation ensures great breathability - users of this type of models know that the effect is really noticeable. In this model, additional layers of material can only be found on the phalanges. Here, the index finger has been equipped with a fabric that allows you to operate touch screens - it does not work as well here as in Helicon, but it provides an appropriate level of operation. The fabric was placed on the trigger finger, while it must be admitted that the seams were reasonably routed so as not to interfere with the manipulation of the weapon.

Helikon Rangeman Shooting Gloves

When looking for gloves typically dedicated to dynamic shooting, it is worth looking for matching models with a small thickness of the material. It is obvious, however, that the thinner the fabric, the lower its resistance to both tearing and abrasion. While the first feature is not the most important for shooting conditions, the second directly translates into the longevity of our gloves. However, there are materials and solutions that are characterized by exceptionally good parameters. These are usually materials of natural origin - the skin of specific species of animals.

Rękawice taktyczne Helikon Rangeman

There are gloves made of thin goatskin - they have a perfect fit, and its properties significantly exceed calfskin. Kangaroo skin has even better properties. The tests carried out by the CSIRO agency have shown that kangaroo leather retains up to 60% of its original strength after thinning to 20% of its thickness. For comparison, calf leather retains only about 4% of its strength during such treatment. Also, compared to goatskin, a kangaroo of the same thickness has twice the tensile strength, not to mention cow leather, which it exceeds ten times. One of the models made of this unusual material are the Helikon Rangeman gloves. They are characterized by a perfect fit to the hand and a very low thickness, thanks to which they allow for precise handling of manipulators.

Mechanix M-Pact Protective Gloves

Some of us, however, spend our time in harsher conditions than the local shooting range. The risk of serious damage to the hand, whether in the event of an impact or, for example, contact with broken glass, will require the use of a larger caliber of protection. It is worth paying attention to the products of the American company Mechanix. These gloves have been designed for workshop work, including NASCAR racing service teams. However, they were quickly appreciated by users of the military sector, thanks to their well-thought-out design. The interest resulted in the creation of a dedicated tactical line with a distinctive color scheme.

Rękawice taktyczne Mechanix M-Pact

The most "armed" Mechanixes are the M-Pact series. The characteristic panels on the back of the hand are made of a soft polymer that dissipates impact energy. The series includes models with full panels as well as those equipped only with knuckle protection. In addition to the external protection, the internal surfaces were also additionally secured. Additional layers of material prevent abrasion, and the textured phalanges improve the grip.

HexArmor PointGuard® Ultra 4045 Anti Puncture Gloves

Our offer also includes specialized protective gloves, tailored to the unique needs of representatives of uniformed services. We can find here mainly models with increased cut and puncture resistance. While the first effect is common and easy to achieve - it is enough to add aramid or nylon fibers to the fabric - anti-piercing gloves are really advanced equipment.

Specjalistyczne rękawice ochronne antyukłuciowe HexArmor

Models of this type are usually dedicated to representatives of uniformed services - the police and the prison service. They are primarily intended not to protect against blows with a pointed tool, but to protect against contaminated needles during the search of the detainee. Biohazard in such cases is very likely, therefore the use of this type of glove is recommended to reduce the risk of infection with blood borne diseases. SpecShop offers professional models, created by the HexArmor brand, which also offers specialized gloves dedicated to spreading razor wire.



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