Which red dot sight to choose?

Which red dot sight to choose?

Optoelectronic sights are nowadays a certain standard of equipment, both for professional soldiers and sports shooters (in classes that allow their use). Iron sights, of course, are extremely reliable, but have their limitations. So why not make it easier for yourself to by working with a bit more advanced equipment? We hope that this article of the SpecShop.pl shooting shop will dispel your doubts.

As you probably already know, red dot sights are sightings, which allow us to trace the target using the point displayed inside the device. In the case of reflex sights, the emitter mounted in the device directs light from the LED diode to the devices front lens, from which it reflects towards the user's eye. In the case of holographic scopes, on the other hand, a laser emitter is used, which, using a system of mirrors and prisms, generates the image of the reticle.

Szkolenie strzeleckie DTF Solutions

Red dot sight will be an excellent choice for all dynamic activities, both for professional and sport shooters

The first solution is definitely cheaper, and depending on the used technology, it allows to obtain a better or worse image of the reticle. One of the methods that give the best results is the diode with an integrated element forming the reticle, used by the Holosun. This allows you to obtain a clear reticle without any distortions.

The use of holographic technology, on the other hand, brings with it a significant improvement in the quality of the reticle - such sigths can generate a clear point of 1 MOA, where 2 MOA is standard for reflex sights. Due to the fact that the image is not displayed on the front lens, they can also function even after its damage. On the other hand, the design solutions used in them make these devices much more expensive and heavier than reflex sights.

Multi Reticle System

In their time many people identified holographic sights almost directly with the EOTech company and the characteristic reticle type - a dot with a circle. Currently, solutions of this type can also be found in any red dots. Models equipped with this type of point are perfect for fast target acquiring. When deciding to buy a sight with a variable reticle, it is very important to look for models in which the reticles are generated by one diode. This will allow you to keep the zero when changing the shape of the point.

punkty celownicze Holosun

Connecting the dot to the circle can help you aquire your target faster, or find a reference point when shooting long distances

As for the external design, we distinguish between open and closed models. Open models will usually have a low weight and a wide field of view, while closed models will be resistant to dirt and evaporation. This is because the tubes of closed sights are filled with a neutral gas that does not contain water vapour. Resistance to soiling does not need to be explained here - shielding the emitter from external conditions solves the whole problem.

Apart from the basic features that every optoelectronic sight should meet, there are also facilities that can prove very useful in situations of increased stress. First of all, the sigth dot must be zeroed and bright enough for us to properly acquire the target. The knobs are most often used for zeroing - it is worthwhile that they are equipped with a scale and move with a clear click, which will definitely help us to operate precisely.

Kolimator Holosun z powiększalnikiem

The system of red dot with a folding enlarger will extend the shooter's possibilities at further distances

The brightness of the spot, on the other hand, should be appropriate to the prevailing lighting conditions. Too dark dot will not be noticed in intense light, while too bright one in a dark room will blind us and make it impossible to trace the target. There are usually two buttons for adjustment - when choosing a model, it is worth to make sure that they are large enough and perceptible enough to be able to operate them even with gloves.

Automatic brightness adjustment

Automatic control systems can be an interesting solution here. In models equipped with a solar battery, automatic adjustment mode is most often used. The solar cell, apart from supporting the battery, acts here as a light intensity sensor, adjusting the intensity of the point to the ambient conditions.

Using a solar panel in the sight can save us many unpleasant situations. Estimated battery lifespan on paper can be 50000 h, however, for example, a radical reduction in temperature can significantly shorten this time. If the work of red dot is to be our life or, at best, the result of a competition, it is worth having support in the form of a solar cell.

Kolimator HS503CU z automatyczną regulacją jasności

The solar cell has a dual function - it supports the battery and regulates the intensity of the reticle

Which red dot sight for AR-15?

The external design of the sights is of great importance when matching a particular weapon. Of course, everyone can have their own personal preferences, but some models have been dedicated strictly for specific platforms and it is worth using their advantages in this direction. Models such as HS503CU or HS515GM allow to generate a spot at the height of standard A1 front sight post in AR-15 rifles.

This allows you to get absolute cowitness, or, if you use a spacer, 1/3 cowitness with an A1 height standard iron sights. However, low mountings are also added to the sets, in case someone prefers this type of solution, or uses a weapon with a stock located much below the aiming line, as for example in the AK platform. The assembly itself is usually done with a classic screw, but there are also models equipped with QD-type connectors, such as for example the HS510C - they allow to mount the device on a rifle very quickly.

Montaż QD w kolimatorze Holosun HS510C

The QD buckle will allow for quick assembly and disassembly of the device, while keeping zero

Red dot sight for Optics Ready pistols

Another issue are sights dedicated for use on small arms. Apart from the fact that they have to be able to withstand much higher loads, they allow for a very popular way of mounting. Guns in the OR version - Optics Ready - are equipped with locks with undercut which allows for low mounting of this type of target sight. Thus, the gun's target sight will be able to be mounted directly on the slide, which eliminates the superiority known from mounting on plates or formerly used rails. It also allows for convenient carrying of the weapon in a holster, in the case of the smallest models, even with hidden carrying.

However, we have to remember here that manufacturers of red dots use different standards of screw spacing, so adapters will have to come to our aid. They will allow for the assembly, increasing the above-range by small values. In the case of guns, we can also obtain cowitness systems, however, most often higher fixed devices will be required here. If we are afraid that the sight will fail us in the least expected moment, this solution may dispel our concerns.

Kolimator Holosun montowany na zamku OR

A dedicated sight perfectly blends into the profile of the slide, providing an aiming line close to the barrel axis and keeping the pistol compact form

Deciding on a red dot, it is worth remembering that a little time spent on training will allow us to create completely new possibilities from our weapons. Binaural aiming at close distances will allow us to maintain peripheral vision and feel control over the environment. At further distances, however, the aiming point will cover much smaller area of the target than a bow tie and a sight. We also invite you to read a review of the HS510C on https://www.specshop.pl/Designed-To-Fight-tests-Holosun-HS510C-blog-eng-1544772796.html

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