Which gun bag should you choose?

Which gun bag should you choose?

Rifles are a bit problematic to carry - especially due to the fact that we would prefer our bag, apart from being comfortable, to be also discreet. Solutions such as covers for fishing rods or guitar have undoubted advantages in the latter issue, however, they are far from the ergonomics of dedicated solutions. However, we must remember that weapons and ammunition, due to the materials from which they are made, weigh much more than the previously mentioned fishing rods or musical instruments, so the covers dedicated to them must be definitely more solidly sewn. However, this is not all that can be done to adapt the bag for transporting weapons - so let's take a look at some interesting models.

Our list includes many models of the Polish brand Helikon. It happened because, first of all, they represent an excellent price-quality ratio, and besides, we believe that since we have a manufacturer of such good equipment in our country, it is worth using it, while supporting its development. The materials used in the bags are mainly Cordura and high-quality WooJin buckles - so we can have a guarantee that they will not give in to the influence of stress and time. We all know that we usually do not handle our shooting range equipment gently, so it is worth investing in solid equipment.

The models of bags that we can recommend to you are:
  • Helikon Basic Rifle Case
  • Helikon Double Upper Rifle Bag
  • Helikon SBR Carrying Bag
  • Condor Transporter Bag
  • Helikon Range Bag

Helikon Basic Rifle Case

The Basic Rifle Case is, as the name suggests, the basic model of a rifle case from the aforementioned Polish manufacturer. It is not the most advanced model of a bag for transporting guns, but it guarantees high quality at an affordable price. Unlike many designs by Chinese companies at a similar price, the Helikon Basic Rifle Case is made of the highest quality original Cordura in place of the commonly used polyester. The use of this material guarantees high abrasion resistance - Cordura is also used to produce tactical backpacks and vests, which are used in the toughest terrain conditions in many armies of the world.

Pokrowiec na broń Helikon Basic Rifle Case

It is also worth taking a closer look at the organization system used in this bag. The gun bag uses the VIS modular organizer system developed by Helikon. The inner surface of the cover is covered with a velor fabric, which allows the installation of separately purchased pouches for the system, enabling easy organization of magazines or cleaning accessories. In addition, the set includes straps that allow the carbine or shotgun to be secured in a specific position. The model, with its length of 114 cm, will enable the transport of a wide range of guns, including the most popular AR-15 carbines or shotguns with a 20-inch barrel.

Helikon Double Upper Rifle Bag

In the case of AR platform rifles, the easy-to-unfold construction allows for quick limitation of the dimensions of the entire weapon, as well as replacement of the breech chamber with a barrel for another. This treatment is often used by owners. Admittedly, the situation in Poland is specific - if we have a barrel with a cartridge number stamped other than the weapon itself, we will need an additional promise for it. However, there are more and more models equipped with numerically consistent sets of barrels, which prompts more people to opt for such a solution. It allows us to adjust the modular rifle to different situations - for example, a 10.5-inch barrel will be perfect for dynamic situations, while an 18-inch barrel will allow you to play at much longer distances.

Pokrowiec na broń Helikon Double Upper Rifle Bag

The Helikon Double Upper Rifle Bag allows you to carry just such a set - an assembled carabiner with a short barrel and a breech chamber with a long barrel. Similarly to the Basic model, we will not find velor for VIS organizers, however, the manufacturer has not forgotten to protect our equipment. Along the inside of the cover, there are three organizational tapes that allow the location of the weapon straps. The cover is also large enough to accommodate a few necessary accessories.

Helikon SBR Carrying Bag

If someone is looking for an interesting alternative to a classic cover, SBR Carrying Bag may be the optimal solution. It distributes the weight on the back a little better and, contrary to the name, it is able to accommodate not only short-barreled rifles. We can put the folded AR-15 carbine with a 16-inch barrel into the backpack, the Grot after mounting the stock or the AK carbine with a folding stock - carbines with a barrel around 11 inches can be easily inserted in fully assembled. The backpack has a similar organization system to the previously discussed bag, so we do not have to worry about the stability of our weapons in the cover.

Plecak na broń Helikon SBR Carrying Bag

The backpack has an interesting feature in the form of a removable panel that divides the two parts of the cover. In addition to its basic function, it has an internal compartment that allows you to store shooting targets. Thanks to the velor cover, the panel allows the use of the VIS organizer system. We also have two outer pockets, including one with organizers that allow you to transport the most necessary accessories - gun cleaning tools, stickers, felt-tip pens or a taker. The suspenders installed in the backpack allow it to be easily unfastened and hidden inside the back, thanks to which it can be transformed into a handy bag.

Condor Transporter Bag

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, discretion is one of the most important features of the cover. “Tactical” colors or accessories such as MOLLE tapes can suggest what's inside. Therefore, sometimes choosing a black, simple cover will allow us to blur the most in the crowd. When moving a car, it does not matter that much, but if there is a need to travel by public transport, discreet simple covers will undoubtedly be useful.

Pokrowiec na broń Condor Transporter

A perfect example of this type of solution is the Condor Transporter gun bag. Fully black, with a geometric shape and simple universal design, it looks like a keyboard cover. Nevertheless, it is fully functional when it comes to carrying weapons, with a foam lining inside that can be easily removed by unfastening the Velcro. The gun cover can be carried both as a bag and in the form of a backpack, thanks to a removable belt that can be hidden inside the "back". The three-dimensional mesh lining ensures high comfort while carrying. Due to its small dimensions, the case is perfect for short-barreled carbines, bullpups or small shotguns.

Helikon Range Bag

The last item is slightly different - it is not designed to carry long weapons. However, it was so interestingly designed that we could not help but mention it. Range Bag is one of the increasingly popular cases for accessories and handguns. Thanks to the stiffened walls and built-in organizers, it allows you to easily organize the equipment that you carry to the shooting range. However, the most important feature of the trunk is the ability to fully unfasten it and unfold it "flat", thanks to which we gain quick access to all accessories. It also makes it much easier to load the equipment inside.

Torba na broń Helikon Range Bag

The case can be used in two ways: or it can be used as a container for all kinds of accessories for a rifle - from magazines, through cleaning accessories to ammunition. However, we can also use it as an individual cover for short weapons. This will allow us to securely mount the weapon inside and pack a set of magazines, using the accessory organizers. There is enough space in the container that we can freely use to carry Helikonhearing protectors or a holster. The range bag will therefore be perfect for use during training and dynamic competitions, allowing for convenient transport and organization of a large number of accessories.



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