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Tactical pants for autumn - what to choose

Tactical pants for autumn - what to choose

With autumn getting closer and closer, it’s high time to focus on our clothing once more and make sure we’ve got our wardrobe ready for colder and for sure more rainy days. The most important things to look for when choosing autumn clothing are thermal isolation and wind and water resistance, as they both come from the most unexpected ways and places to harass us with cold.

This way of thinking leads us to parameters which we will need to compare to make sure, that this part of our clothing will be the one we’re looking for. When choosing pants for autumn, we need to focus on:

  • Type of used material
  • Basis weight of material
  • Used technologies
  • Enhancements

With that in mind, we also need to remember about their fit, number, and placement of pouches or where we’re going to wear them.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at some products which should cover the needs of most of you. Some are gonna look more casual, some more tactical, but all of them will make good pants for autumn.

Recommended autumn pants are:

  • Helikon-Tex - M65 Pants
  • Pentagon - BDU 2.0 Pants
  • Helikon-Tex - CPU® Field Pants
  • Helikon-Tex - UTP® (Urban Tactical Pants®) Denim Mid
  • M-Tac - Military Pants Aggressor Gen. II Flex

M65 Military pants - iconic GI Joe pants from ‘Nam era

When we hear about the ‘Nam war era we think about young boys still shocked after surviving the first Vietnamese attack on their post, others see helicopters flying above the jungle with “Fortunate Son” playing in the background. All of them remember olive M65 sets worn by US Soldiers during that period, which made their way to mass culture and fashion.

M65 pants Helikon-Tex

Helikon-Tex did a very good replica of said pants. The material used is a durable NYCO fabric, making them durable and quick drying. Basis weight is 330g/m², which gives the user very good protection against the wind and loose style, forced by them being designed to fit additional lining, leaves enough space for an additional layer of air to form. That layer of air works as an additional isolation layer.

In these classic pants, users are given seven pockets to use. Two on the back, two front ones, and two big, cargo pockets with compression straps. All six of those pockets are closed using naps. The last, smallest pocket is hidden in the belt area and closed using a button.

These pants should interest all Vietnam War and wide legs fans, as this style of legs is uncommon in modern tactical and military pants.

BDU Pants - loved by some, hated by others

From times of “Apocalypse Now” we’re moving to the times of “Generation Kill” and another well-established in culture style of pants. BDU, or Battle Dress Uniform to be exact, were standard issue uniform type back then, hence their appearance in the aforementioned film on US Marines soldiers.

Without further ado, we invite Pentagon’s BDU 2.0 pants to speak for themselves. This time, we don’t have an exact copy in front of us but rather, as the name suggests, version 2.0. The material used during the making of these pants is a mix of cotton and polyester in 65/35 proportions, which is a very durable and comfy material. Our attention should fall on the basis weight being 215 g/m² which means that the material may be too thin in case of stronger cold winds. This material is also known for its relatively quick drying.

BDU 2.0 Pants Pentagon

The big plus of the modernized version of described pants is the use of a zipper as a mean to close the fly. Everyone who knows the struggle to fight with buttons when time is of essence will absolutely appreciate that change. Another modernized thing is the enhancement of fabric with a water and dirt-repellent layer.

When it comes to pouches, the user is given two classic pouches, two cargo pouches closed with the use of hook and loops and button and two, back pouches closed with hook and loops. A modern addition is a small pouch for storing multitool or pen, located just below the right front belt loop. Talking about belt loops, we should mention that they are 55 mm wide, which lets us use most of the tactical belts available on the market.

Said pants should also fit people liking loose cut and freedom of movement. The others should also appreciate additional layers of material on the back and knee area, which serve as reinforcement.

Combat Patrol Uniform, Polish Army uniform based cut

Moving from post-soviet uniform styles, Polish Army designed a new style of uniforms, code-named wz. 2010. It was a big leap forward for the army, still wearing all cotton uniforms not really suited anymore for the modern battlefield. Polish brand, Helikon-Tex, took a closer look at that modernized cut and made their Combat Patrol Uniform line of products based on it.

The material used in this product is a mix of cotton and polyester in a 60/40 ratio, strengthened by Ripstop grid with basis weight of 215 g/m². That makes these uniforms very durable and with very good breathability, which might pose a problem in cold, windy environments or if being static.

Helikon-Tex CPU pants

What deserves our attention is the pockets, which we get ten to use! We have two classic pouches, two back pouches closed with buttons, two little pouches on thighs, two, typical for ACU style pants cargo pouches closed with hooks and loops and buttons which can be regulated by using elastic tapes, and two smaller pockets on calves, also closed with hooks and loops. Every fan of EDC, or every day carry for those who didn’t know, should find these pockets his dream.

An additional benefit these pants have in terms of protecting the user, are pouches for soft knee protection, not saying about additional layer of material there and on the seat.

The waist length can be adjusted by using tapes, which can be found on the sides. Belt loops are 60 mm wide, which leaves enough space to use nearly every tactical belt which can be found on the market. Additionally, four belt loops on the front have additional loops, which can be used to fasten additional equipment like keys or chemlights.

Denim Mid UTP® pants - how to look stylish with still being tacticool

The aforementioned pants from Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Line® were designed, to give the user something in between tactical pants and civilian ones. Hence, we have tactical pants made of Denim fabric which is a mix of cotton, polyester and spandex in 76/22/2 ratio and basis weight of 320 g/m², which makes them really sturdy, resistant to wear and tear but also elastic enough to snugly fit their user.

Helikon-Tex UTP Denim Mid pants

The cut of these pants takes from many known and renowned tactical pants, still adding some fresh ideas. Thanks to that, we receive lots of pouches, which might pose a threat to items carelessly thrown into one of them and not remembering which one it was. Imagine having to search through all of those twelve pockets for phone number of that nice girl you’ve met in the bar. Don’t worry, we’ll list all of them below:

  • Two classical pouches with strengthened edges to mount knife, multitool, etc.
  • Two wide-angled pouches on the thighs closed with a zipper
  • Two narrow pouches closed with hooks and loops
  • Four pouches on the back: two angled ones closed with hooks and loops and two narrow ones inside of them
  • Two little pouches on the front

Additional things worth mentioning, are pouches for low profile knee protection inserts with access from the inside and waist length regulation by hooks and loops. Belt loops are 60 mm wide, which again lets us use most of available tactical belts.

Modern, stylish, special uses tactical pants - Aggressor Gen. II Flex

Functional and comfortable tactical pants from M-Tac brand, which quickly took its place on the polish market and gains fans every day. The described model is low profile, anatomically cut, and yet gives us all tactical advantages we may need both in everyday life and in tactical situations.

Pants were made from fabric consisting of polyester, cotton, and elastane mix in 63/35/2 proportions with Ripstop grid and strengthened with Cordura in important spots. All of that was enhanced with Teflon, to improve its water and dirt resistance.

This time, the user gets seven pouches:

  • Two cargo type pouches closed with hooks and loops with side access using a zipper
  • Two side pouches with strengthened edges for knife or multitool mounts
  • Two back pouches closed with hooks and loops
  • Flat pouch for storing a smartphone or small notebook
Aggressor Gen II Flex Pants M-Tac

From the typically tactical side, pants got pouches for low-profile soft knee protection inserts and 55 mm wide belt loops. Nice addition with tactical flavor are the two D-Rings attached to the front-most belt loops.

To regulate waist length, the user should use the belt with hooks and loops and naps system. The width of the pants legs can be set on the bottom of the legs by use of hooks and loops with elastic tape. The fly is closed by YKK zipper.



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