Skilhunt flashlights - Polish distributor

Skilhunt flashlights - Polish distributor

Skilhunt flashlights are one of the most popular models from the Far East. The Chinese brand is recognizable mainly for its angular flashlights, which can be used as headlamps, while its offer also includes models with tactical characteristics and EDC. The models have a number of interesting solutions that we will discuss in a moment - from the user interface to the charging system.

The products are characterized primarily by a great price-quality ratio - the models offer similar or more advanced solutions compared to flashlight models from the same price range. The technologies used show a great understanding of the market needs and the awareness of what features seemingly imperceptible to the user will translate into the work culture of the devices.

Skilhunt flashlights in Polish distribution

The H series flashlights have been designed for universal use - from everyday use, through outdoor, to professional use. Thanks to the angular design, they allow both comfortable manual use and mounting on a headband or directly on the equipment. For this reason, the H series has great potential if we assume the desire to have only one flashlight. Even full-size models allow for comfortable carrying, which makes them perfect for everyday use. However, in the event that we need headlamps for a multi-day trip, we can be sure that Skilhunt will cope with the challenge.

The M series, on the other hand, are models with a traditional construction, created for outdoor and tactical applications. High power, range-extending headlights and the housing design that combines high durability with effective cooling guarantee us performance and reliability in all situations. The classic layout will also allow us to mount them on a long weapon. In combination with an accessory button with a gel switch and the parameters of the stream, it will allow us to obtain comfortable and functional lighting, which will be perfect, for example, on carabiners in the RECCE configuration.

Skilhunt LED Flashlights - Luminus, Samsung, Cree

All Skilhunt flashlights are based on LEDs from reputable manufacturers. When looking at the parameters of individual models, we can find popular CREE, Samsung or Luminus LEDs. This guarantees good performance and reliability, combined with a long lifetime of the diode for operation. The selected flashlight models have versions that differ in terms of CRI (a parameter that determines the precision of color reproduction) and the color temperature of the stream. Therefore, depending on your preferences, we can choose the model that best meets our expectations. It is also worth noting that the company does not use LEDs with a color colder than 6000K, which means that no flashlight will emit tiring blue light. In the case of CRI, the offer includes both basic versions and versions with high values of this parameter, including those reaching the level of 95 - a very high reflection of the real colors of the objects.

Optical devices in Skilhunt flashlights - diffusers, TIR optics, orange peel reflectors

Depending on the intended use, Skilhunt flashlights are equipped with various optical devices that determine the shape of the light beam. The M series models, designed for tactical and outdoor use, feature smooth aluminum reflectors. This allows them to achieve a more concentrated beam of light with a longer range. Flashlights dedicated to EDC applications, on the other hand, are equipped with orange peel reflectors (orange skin), whose irregular structure provides us with an even, dense stream of greater width and a shorter range. It is therefore perfect for everyday use, both in closed and open spaces. The user interface used in flashlights is also noteworthy. It allows you to program the stream power modes as well as their regulations and switching to turbo.

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Advanced cooling system in Skilhunt flashlights

When the flashlight is operating in high modes, the diode generates high temperature. This is one of the reasons why the turbo modes in most flashlights on the market only work for several dozen seconds. Skilhunt introduces extensive overheating protection systems to its models. Electronic thermal protection reduces the power of the flashlight when the set temperature is exceeded, which limits both the possibility of damaging the flashlight and causing damage to the environment. The devices also have a radiator system profiled in the housing, significantly increasing the surface that the flashlight gives off heat. In practice, this means faster and more efficient cooling of the device. In addition, the PCB to which the diode is soldered is made of copper. As a result, it is much more effective in removing heat to the housing.

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Skilhunt - magnetic charging

The charging system for RC models is based on a magnetic socket with an accelerated flow rate. The magnetic cable allows you to charge the 18650 cell with a capacity of 3500 mAh in 3.5 hours - for this type of solution it is a very good value. The flashlight communicates the battery charge status through a light signal sent by the button. The communication diode is also set by default to glow when the flashlight is turned off, which allows us to easily find the flashlight in the dark.

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Flashlights with waterproof casing made of milled aluminum

The casings of all models are made of milled aluminum, which gives them excellent mechanical properties and allows for effective heat dissipation. In order to protect the surface against damage and corrosion, an anodizing coating was applied. The hard layer made of oxidized metal is resistant and has a pleasant texture. The manufacturer used a battery depreciation system based on a double spring. Together with the casing, it guarantees resistance to falls from a height of 1 m. The sealed threads allow the flashlight to be waterproof at IPX8 level.


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