Pistol maintenance - Glock

Pistol maintenance - Glock

Recently, it was about accessories for cleaning our ARs - the blog aroused interest, so we decided to create a similar material about an equally popular platform - Glock pistols. We know how many of you have them, we have some interesting, dedicated accessories for them, so we decided to present them to you. Some of them can significantly facilitate your work with this platform, others will be universal enough to work efficiently with any pistol.

Glock is a specific design - its popularity means that there are many accessories for this platform on the market. We mean both parts and accessories that facilitate its maintenance. The simplicity of the design means that we do not need complicated tools to properly clean the gun. However, there are a few tools that will not only enable, but significantly simplify, certain activities.

In cleaning Glock pistols, they can be useful to you:
  • Gun Boss Multi-Kit 9 mm gun cleaning set
  • RamRodz Barrel Cleaners
  • SI Polyflex Glock Backplate
  • AIO Glock Tool

Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit 9 mm gun cleaning set

Let's start with the complete basics - after all, we'll use them the most often. In this case, it will not surprise us that the basic weapon cleaning kit will be compatible not only with Glocks, but also with any handgun in a given caliber. We will probably clean the gun after each shooting - so we assume that it will be quite frequent. For this reason, when buying a gun cleaning kit, pay attention to its ergonomics and build quality. Removing pollution from weapons is not the most pleasant, and the inconvenient or ineffective ramrod will make it even more difficult for us.

Zestaw do czyszczenia broni Real Avid

First of all, it is worth focusing on the ergonomics of the ramrod itself. The division of the ramrod into segments will allow us to easily adapt to the required length. The T-shaped grip, in contrast to the classic parallel grip, will allow for a more comfortable positioning of the hand - using it does not force the wrist to bend. It is also worth paying attention to the complexity of the set you buy. The barrel of the barrel actually collects the most dirt, but we must not forget that there are places in the gun that cannot be cleaned with a round brush. That is why we recommend choosing a set that, apart from the rod and barrel brushes, includes scrapers, flat brushes and adapters for cleaners.

RamRodz Barrel Cleaners

However, we will not always have said set with us. We must remember that it is a good habit to quickly clean the weapon immediately after shooting. This will make it easier to get rid of the carbon deposit and prevent it from hardening. Some shooters simply insert a cleaning agent into the barrel, others pull a cleaning cord through the barrel. Any practice is good, the main thing is to prepare the weapon for subsequent cleaning.

Wycior do czyszczenia broni Ramrodz

When it comes to the ad hoc cleaning of weapons, some time ago we introduced an interesting solution. Ram Rodz cleaners are small, disposable and, most importantly, easy to carry. Due to the fact that they are made of pressed cotton, they easily absorb preparations for cleaning weapons and do not contaminate the surface with lint. What's more, the bamboo stick is flexible. This allows it to be placed in the barrel from the side of the cartridge chamber without the need to unfold the gun. Thanks to this, we can quickly get rid of impurities by discharging them outside the gun. Ram Rodz can also be used at the end of the proper cleaning process instead of a cotton mop or wipers.

Strike Industries AIO Glock Tool

On the one hand, it is rare for us to disassemble the gun into complete bases, on the other hand, the replacement of the trigger mechanism elements or the desire to polish may force us to do it. The mechanisms inside the skeleton of Glock pistols are held by flat-faced pins. To remove them, we will need appropriate punches - we can of course use the most ordinary models from the market, however, to ensure comfort and safety, it is worth using dedicated models. In the case of Glocks, we only have two pin sizes - so we don't need a whole range of tools.

Narzędzie rusznikarskie Strike Industries Glock Tool

We offer several models dedicated to pin pushing, however one of them combines two additional functions that we believe are a valuable addition. In order not to buy a few tools, it is worth considering it, but if you prefer individual accessories, we will add them in the recommended section at the bottom. As for the tool itself, however - All In One Glock Tool is a handy multitool from Strike Industries that allows you to perform a number of treatments. First of all, it takes two punches to remove the pins. In addition, one of them has an integrated sights key. The most important addition, in our opinion, is the magazine foot removal device - it is a procedure that we perform most often, and it is definitely burdensome.

Strike Industries Polyflex Glock Backplate

Scrupulousness sometimes requires us to check the condition of the firing pin - in the case of Glock it is not the most dirty element, but it is worth checking it regularly to avoid unpleasant surprises. A contaminated firing pin canal may make it impossible to break the primer, which in turn will force us to reload. In the case of competitions, this will result in the loss of precious seconds, in the case of business use, it can be very dangerous for us.

Płytka oporowa Strike Industries Glock Plate

For the cleaning itself, of course, a brush and a scraper are enough - there is not much philosophy here. However, we can slightly increase the convenience of the access to the areas of interest to us. We get to the firing pin by taking the thrust plate out of the bolt. As the name suggests, it is the spring of the needle and the lift claw that are based on it. Therefore, in order to remove the plate itself, we first need to use a tool to free it from the springs holding it. However, there are boards with a release button of some kind. Depending on the material, it is a resilient element of the plate or an additional part that is inserted into it. This solution allows for quick and, most importantly, tool-free disassembly.



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