How to carry your beloved... handgun

How to carry your beloved... handgun

Whether you are using a duty Glock or a sporting Shadow 2, the selection of the right holster for your weapon and application is one of the key elements of safe operation of a pistol or revolver. Depending on whether we are a sports shooter, a uniformed officer or a security officer working undercover, we will need completely different models whose wide cross-section is provided by the store.

Holsters can be divided into two basic parameters. The first one will be the material they are made of, which makes it easier to divide them into rigid and soft. The second factor is the way the weapon is carried: concealed or open carry.

Open carry holster

They are characterized by the great diversity: they can be made of rigid polymer, e.g. Kydex, soft nylon or polyester. Mounted on a belt, thigh panel or tactical vest, they should have two of the most important features: easy access to weapons and protection against loss or tearing by unauthorized persons.

Kabura modułowa MOLLE Beretta 92 M9Soft, polyester Beretta 92F holster with MOLLE panels

A feature worth noting is also matching with the weapon model we use. There are universal holsters, most often made of synthetic fabric or leather, which usually include low price (polyester, nylon), the ability to carry most of the weapons available on the market in a given size and the minimization of scratches on the surface. However, the stability and ease of draw are inferior to the models dedicated to a specific gun.

Rigid polymer holsters are mostly tailored to the specific model, which makes them better able to hold the unit in place and faster to draw the gun, thanks to the way it is secured inside. The basic retention holsters tighten around the slide and frame, and the pullout resistance can be adjusted by screws. Development models are equipped with finger-released mechanisms that engage the trigger bow to lock. Their design, however, can cause discomfort when carrying on the belt, cutting into the operator's body when moving.Israeli holsters are recognizable brands of this type of products: Fobus and IMI Defense.

Kabura retencyjna Fobus Roto Shadow 2 Kabura polimerowa IMI Defense Shadow 2
CZ Shadow 2 holsters: classic retention Fobus and lever safety IMI Defense

An important aspect in the case of both types is the location and the way in which they are mounted. Both types can be installed on belts, MOLLE or thigh panel. The leg panel provides the greatest freedom of movement while maintaining ease of draw. However, depending on the body position, the weapon will be at different angles, which can make it difficult to draw instinctively. In the case of rigid holsters on the belt, there is another valuable solution. The Roto system allows you to select the angle of the gun, depending on the user's preferences.

Kabura udowa Condor Glock 17 Coyote Brown Kabura udowa Fobus Glock 17
Glock 17 leg holsters: soft polyester Condor and rigid Fobus

It should also be remembered that these categories are fluent, which is why we can find, for example, medium-rigid leather holsters, matched to a specific weapon. They are characterized by excellent utility properties, comfort thanks to the natural origin of the material and tasteful stylistics. Many users exceptionally appreciate this type of models, sometimes handcrafted for a specific pistol or revolver.

Concealed carry holster

Also known as IWB (Inside Waist Band). They can also be made of various materials. The most important feature here is the correct positioning of the weapon. This will ensure both discretion and comfort, which is more difficult to achieve with internal holsters.

In the case of holsters for larger guns, panels limiting the contact of the slide with the body and perforations improving ventilation will be valuable elements. A good example is the IWB19/26 Holster model containing both these features.

For subcopact pistols, it is worth choosing a holster to maximize the potential of this type of gun. Minimalist, belt-mounted Concealed Carry Holster will ensure maximum blur of the gun in the silhouette of the body.

Kabura Fobus IWB Glock 19, Glock 26 Kabura IMI Defense Concealed Carry Holster Subcompact
Concealed carry holsters for compact and subcompact pistols
Specialist holster

The holsters are designed for narrow branches of applications and may differ significantly from the well-known models. For dynamic shooting, the so-called hangers are used, which at first glance we would not associate with carrying weapons. For those who require maximum discretion, the manufacturers create sophisticated and customized solutions.

Sites with warm climates that require discretion, such as holiday resorts, are difficult terrain for operators. If we cannot discreetly carry weapons in a holster under our clothes, there is a specially adapted fanny packs and belly holster. They are usually a big compromise when it comes to the speed of drawing the weapon, but they will guarantee maximum discretion, which may be crucial in some cases.

Caldwell pas do skrytego przenoszenia broni Tactical Belly HolsterDiscreet Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Holster
At the end of the day

The selection should be based mainly on the function for which we use the weapon. Remember about your comfort, because 900 g hanging for a few hours on your belt, if you don't choose the right holster, can spoil your mood. Even the lightest gun combined with a wrongly selected holster and a not sufficiently rigid belt will cause discomfort after a long period of use. The purchase of this accessory should not be done superficially, because not only our comfort but also our health may depend on it.

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