Gun cleaning tools - AR-15

Gun cleaning tools - AR-15

When we buy our dream AR, it would be worth making sure that it serves us as long as possible. We hope that each of you - firearm owners knows well how to take care of your private copy. However, we thought that we would review our offer and look for something that would facilitate all maintenance procedures. Therefore, these will not be the necessary basic equipment, but rather functional accessories that will help you deal with specific, problematic activities. It just so happens that the supply of Real Avid gun cleaning accessories has just arrived, so we will base today's entry on the products from their offer.

Weapon cleaning kit and tools that we think are worth paying attention to:
  • Real Avid AR-15 Smart Mat
  • Real Avid Pivot Pin Tool
  • Real Avid Smart Vise Block
  • Real Avid Gun Tool Core
  • Real Avid Bore Boss Multi-Kit

Real Avid Smart Mat for gun cleaning

Let's start with security, as you know, safety first of all. The basic protection for both the carabiner and our surroundings during maintenance is a Real Avid gun cleaning accessoriesgun cleaning mat. This accessory is usually made of foam covered with a soft, absorbent fabric that allows you to keep it clean and absorbs any impacts. A good-quality mat is important because it will allow for the quick removal of any chemical residues used to clean steel elements, which may adversely affect the polymer parts of the weapon.

Real Avid Gun cleaning tool

An example of a good quality mat can be the Smart Mat model, in this case dedicated to the mentioned AR platform. Smart Mat was made of a material that is characterized by good absorbability and low thickness. This allows for trouble-free rolling it for storage, and also effectively absorbs all impurities. The model was also equipped with an organizer, allowing for quick and safe segregation of parts removed from the carabiner. The built-in magnet will keep small parts inside, which in an incident could be impossible to find.

Real Avid Pivot Pin Tool

Speaking of small parts - have you ever had the opportunity to disassemble the pivot pin in your carabine? If so, you probably know that in addition to the pin itself, there is a tiny retention pin with a spring to keep it in place. The disassembly of this element is usually played with a hook that allows you to pull the pin to release the pin. In the case of assembly, it may be necessary to use a tool that will allow us to safely carry out this process. Most often in its role we find a cylinder with the diameter of the pin itself, and a pusher that allows us to insert the pin itself.

Real Avid Gun cleaning tool

But why use two separate tools when we can have one? The Pivot Pin Tool is a simple device that will allow us to easily install the pin without the need for special manipulations. The tool is made of a polymer that eliminates the risk of damaging the aluminum receiver of the rifle. When using the Pivot Pin Tool, simply place it in the openings of the chamber, insert the element imitating a pin, push the pin with a spring with the pusher and rotate the tool. It takes several seconds. To complete the process, just insert the pin inside the chamber.

Real Avid Smart Vise Block

The Real Avid offer includes one more interesting tool intended for the lower receiver. It is the Vise Block - a mounting block that allows for a stable and quick mounting of the carabiner in a vice. The block is crucial if we independently carry out procedures related to the replacement of weapon elements - for example the guides of the return device or the barrel. It allows for a stable mounting of the carabiner, without the risk of directly placing the aluminum carabine in a vice.

Real Avid Gun cleaning tool

This particular device is equipped with a flare adjuster, so it will guarantee stability regardless of minor differences in the profile of the magazine socket in which it is placed. It will be very useful for procedures that require a lot of force to tighten the nuts. In addition, Vise Block allows you to place the rifle upside down - we will appreciate it especially when changing the pistol grip. The kit also includes a lock that allows the carabiner to be held in a half-open position after removing the takedown pin. This facilitates access to the breech chamber and the barrel for cleaning.

Gun cleaning multitool Real Avid Gun Tool Core

Many of us use multitools and you probably know how useful this tool can be on a daily basis. Usually, we most often use pliers, screwdrivers or scissors included in them, however, being an active shooter, we may need a slightly different set of tools. The Tool is assumed to be an accessory that you carry with you, so do not assume that you will find a key for the barrel nut there. However, many of us would probably appreciate a pin punch, a hook for removing debris or a torx for mounting a reddot. It just so happens that manufacturers predict the existence of this type of tools - both those who specialize in creating multitools and those typically focused on the production of accessories for weapons.

Real Avid Gun cleaning tool

The version of the Gun Tool Core multitool from Real Avid, dedicated to the AR platform, includes several necessary accessories that will make life easier for owners of these carbines. First of all, scrapers - adapted to cleaning individual areas of the lock. As we all know, cleaning the bolt lugs is not the easiest thing to do. Dedicated tools will definitely facilitate access to the nooks and crannies of the lock. A hook for the cotter pin in the bolt will also be a valuable ally. It is generally not easy to challenge it, so a dedicated tool will definitely be useful. The whole thing is closed in a form that is convenient for carrying and handling. It is also worth paying attention to the interestingly designed handle for the tool regulating the front sight. We appreciate your creativity.

Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit gun cleaning kit

Finally, something more common, but we couldn't help but mention it. Mainly due to the fact that, in our opinion, it is one of the better organized sets of this type. The Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kit comes from a series of comprehensive maintenance gun toolkits. The line includes products dedicated to most of the basic calibers. In this case, however, we will focus on the .223 model, while the contents of the box in most other versions are very similar.

Real Avid Gun cleaning tool

The box itself is proof of Real Avid's design talent. In addition to the pleasant aesthetics, the way the box is unfolded facilitates access to tools and allows for their easy organization. The modified T-shaped grip used in the cut is one of the most comfortable we have dealt with so far. The perpendicular system of the ramrod is definitely more comfortable than the popular parallel ones, while the ergonomics of the grip is really exemplary - we will appreciate it especially when cleaning several units in a row.

In addition to the standard brushes for cleaning the barrel, the set also includes a dedicated brush for the cartridge chamber, hooks and brushes for cleaning hard-to-reach places, and a cord for cleaning the barrel. The latter will allow us to quickly pre-clean the pipe, or evenly distribute protective preparations at the end of cleaning. The specific system that acts as a handle and a packaging will allow us to conveniently use the rope and to separate it from the rest of the tools when dirty.



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