Face protection and anti-microbial disinfectants

Face protection and anti-microbial disinfectants

Recent days have prompted us to radically change our habits and the overall of everyday life. Inconsistent guidelines on protective procedures make it difficult to determine what specific behaviors will be best for our health. Let's analyze the WHO and Ministry of Health recommendations and, above all, do not give in to misinformation spread by low-class media or, worse, by panicking people in our environment.

Hand hygiene solutions

First of all, hand hygiene - an element that should be present in everyone's life, not just in the event of an epidemic. The most common and very effective method is washing your hands - the detergents contained in the soap allow you to separate the layer of impurities, including microorganisms from the surface of our body, while the water rinses them out of our hands - it is quite obvious. However, decomposing this factor will be useful for understanding the second method - disinfection.

Disinfectants kill bacteria and protozoa on the skin surface, thanks to which they work even without rinsing. Preparations without a suitable biocide will not give a similar effect - despite the apparent purification of the hands, microorganisms will remain on their surface and will remain alive, and thus potentially harmful.

Therefore, always pay attention to the composition of the preparation before buying - most often the active substance will be alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl), the concentration of which should be not less than 60%. For example, the DR MANUSteril hand disinfection gel offered by our store contains a mixture of ethanol and propanol with a total concentration of 80%.

DR MANUSteril antibacterial agent

Does latex gloves protects against viruses?

The next aspect - gloves - should be used with great awareness of their correct application. First of all, before putting them on, you should thoroughly wash, or if impossible, disinfect your hands. Gloves are a barrier that protects clean hands from the environment, but we must also remember that this environment adheres to them. Therefore, when removing gloves at home, we must remember not to touch the objects inside it or touch their outer surface with our hands. After taking off, it's worth washing your hands anyway.

What materials can I use for facemask

Masks are the most controversial topic here - WHO has a slightly different opinion about them than the Polish Ministry of Health. Some argue that masks should be used only by sick people and their carers, others introduce the obligation to constantly cover the nose and mouth of everyone. Nevertheless, the most important information here is to recommend comprehensive application of security measures. The mask will be effective when we use it properly in combination with hand hygiene and other preventive treatments.

Headwraps and bandanas

The use of the mask, in addition to blocking drip viruses, has another very important purpose - preventing unconditional reflexes. By touching our lips and nose for various purposes, we enable pathogens on our hands to easily access our body. Thus, not only the use of a dedicated medical mask, but also a scarf, headwrap or even a handkerchief tied to your face will already have an effect.

We hope that all of you are healthy and have not overly felt the consequences of the current situation. We also recommend the use of trusted sources of knowledge - we must admit that the WHO section associated with COVID-19 is very well organized and accessible, which is why we encourage you to visit it. We wish you the best well-being, stay safe and see you at SpecShop.pl when the epidemic will end.

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