Designed To Fight tests Holosun HS510C

Designed To Fight tests Holosun HS510C

Holosun HS510C

The Holosun HS510C red dot represents the segment of open reflex sights. This means that it has only one (front) lens on which the sight mark is cast. This ensures a very wide field of view and no keyhole effect, making its use more like aiming through a widescreen TV. Despite the open design, the HS510C has a very solid casing and an additional hood over the lens made of titanium, which can take any blows.

As an disadvantage (like any open red dot sight) can be considered that if the projector is dirty or wet, the reticle will be blurred or incomplete. Fortunately, the smooth projector cover makes it difficult for any water or dirt to settle down and can be wiped quickly to restore the full functionality. QD mounting settles sight at ½ co-witness height. It's very solid, and after removing and reinstalling the crosshair excelently holds zero.

 Holosun HS510C - Sklep

> To operating of the sight, uses two buttons: "+" and "-" on the left side of the housing. Holding the "-" button for about 3 seconds will change the shape of the reticle. Unlike the previously described sights, there are 3 reticles. We can choose between:

  • 2 MOA dot
  • 65 MOA dot / ring combo
  • 65 MOA ring only

While the idea of the ring only mode may seem ridiculous to some, it may prove very practical when shooting e.g. with a smoothbore guns. The sight reticle can be changed at will, so we can test every and adapt it to your needs and preferences.

Unlike e.g. the HS503GU and HS515GM models, the sight is zeroed with the screws located at the rear of the sight - on its upper and right wall. This time directions are marked permanently, adjustments can be made with any suitable tool.

 Holosun HS510C - Sklep

The CR2032 battery is installed in a special tray inserted on the right side of the sight (we get 2 trays in the set). In addition to the usual battery, the HS510C is equipped with a photo diode (Solar Fail Safe), which acts as an additional power source. To use it, you must put device into automatic mode, i.e. hold down "+" until the reticle blinks

In this mode, the sight will be powered from the solar panel as long as the amount of light allows (it does not have to be sunlight) and will adjust the brightness of the sight mark to the surroundings. It should be mentioned that the brightness of the sight mark is adjusted to the amount of light falling on the top of the sight, not the place where we aim as a result of which on a sunny day shooting from a roofed position the sight may set the brightness of the sight mark too low. In this situation, go to manual mode, which will allow us to control the sight like any other, i.e. using the "+" and "-" buttons. However, it should be remembered that the energy will then be consumed only from the battery.

 Holosun HS510C - Sklep

The presence of a photo-diode does not free us from the need to insert a battery, which closes the circuit. The sight will not start without it. In addition, the HS510C is equipped with the Shake Wake system (sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity, turning off after 8 hours), which in combination with a photo-diode can provide us with years of work on one battery (according to the manufacturer up to 50,000 hours).

HS510C is the heaviest of Holosun's sights we've tested. An additional 140 g can be felt especially on such a small and light carbine as the FedArm with a 7.5" barrel. In return we get a double powering system, thanks to which the sight is always on, excellent visibility and a solid casing that even withstood falling on a wooden floor (with a carabine) from a height of about 1.4 m, without damage to the sight, zero, assembly or gun.

Summarizing; currently the only recommendable full-size open collimator sight which has passed through our hands.

 Holosun HS510C - Sklep

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