Accesories for Glock pistols

Accesories for Glock pistols

Glock remains one of the most popular firearms companies in the world. The manufacturer dominates the market of civilian weapons, and also boasts gigantic achievements when it comes to supplying various uniformed units. Glock users appreciate them for their extraordinary reliability, simplicity of construction, and safe handling and carrying. An important advantage of the Austrian pistols is also their extraordinary popularity.

As with the AR-15 platform, the popularity of Glocks means that parts and accessories for their most popular models can be found anywhere and in any number. This is an extremely important advantage for any civilian user who may decide to add enhancements to their weapons. It is also a huge ease in terms of servicing. More than once we can see questions on forums about, for example, needles for slightly more "exotic" pistols. We will not have this problem with Glock - we enter "Glock spire" and a list of stores selling this part will pop up.

On a daily basis, however, we will appreciate the extensive configuration possibilities of Austrian pistols using aftermarket parts. The market is full of magazine release buttons, sights, and stop plates. Some of the accessories have a strictly aesthetic value, while others can make our work on the trigger much easier. Therefore, we have selected a few accessories for Glock pistols from our offer, which can make your work with your weapon much easier.

Naszym zdaniem przydatnymi akcesoriami do pistoletów Glock mogą się okazać:
  • Magpul PMAG GL9 Magazine
  • Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell
  • SI Polyflex Backplate
  • SI Mass Driver Compensator
  • HI-VIZ LiteWave Front Sight

Magpul PMAG GL9 magazine for Glock

In the case of less common designs, we are often doomed to magazines created by the manufacturer. There are situations in which a weapon manufacturer imposes abstract prices on magazines - PLN 3,000 for a pistol sounds reasonable, but the only matching magazines for PLN 300 per piece can scare potential buyers of such a construction. There are no similar problems with Glock - factory magazines are decently priced anyway, and there are a lot of replacements on the market, including renowned manufacturers, at very attractive prices.

Kurtka taktyczna Helikon Gunfigther

It is worth paying attention to the products of the American company Magpul. Their AR platform magazines have enjoyed unflagging popularity for years, both among civilians and military formations. There is nothing strange about it - light, extremely durable and reliable PMAGs work well in all conditions and surroundings. Thanks to their popularity, Glock pistols are the only ones for which the American manufacturer creates magazines. Their fully polymer construction is resistant to falls and shocks, and the lack of metal elements makes them slightly relieving our equipment. The matrix designed by Magpul integrated into the foot allows for easy numerical marking, and the foot itself has been equipped with a large button that makes it easy to unfold.

Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well

Speaking of the magazine, the magazine slot is also worth mentioning. The latest, fifth generation of Glocks has been equipped with a profiled grip that facilitates quick insertion of the magazine. A solution of this type is especially valuable in dynamic or stressful situations in which we act instinctively. Being the owner of Gen 3 or 4, we may wonder if this type of modification would also be useful to us. Many funnels, however, are designed purely for sport and can be a serious difficulty when carrying a gun.

Bluza polarowa Helikon Alpha Tactical

However, there are constructions on the market that constitute a good compromise between the effectiveness of operation and the ease of wearing in hiding. One of such products is Magpul Enhanced Magazine Well - a polymer low-profile funnel for Glock pistols. As standard, the design uses a hole in the back of the grip for installation, which makes the installation quick and easy. The angled inner walls of the funnel make it much easier to insert the magazine into the socket, while the print of the grip does not differ significantly from that of the fifth generation pistols.

Strike Industries Polyflex Glock backplate

Aftermarket thrust plates most often serve only aesthetic purposes - how many times do we see models with a Punisher skull graphic or a Spartan helmet. Some people, however, pay attention only to the practical aspect of weapons accessories - in this case, most models will seem like an unnecessary expense. However, there are also tiles on the market that offer additional functionality.

Kurtka Helikon Anorak Woodsman

This type of product includes the Polyflex thrust plate for Glock pistols by Strike Industries. The accessory, of course, performs the same function as the factory plate - it is a resistance to the springs of the needle and the claw of the lift. Its additional feature, however, is the presence of a button that enables tool-free disassembly. It will be useful when cleaning, it will also be useful if we regularly change the spring from one with reduced force to the standard one and vice versa. The model we present is made of an elastic polymer, while the Strike Industries offer also includes aluminum versions - then they also have increased durability compared to the original.

Kompensator do pistoletu Glock Strike Industries Mass Driver

Compensators for handguns are gaining more and more popularity. Of course, in sport shooting - proper ammunition is needed for their correct operation, they also affect the bolt work cycle. For combat weapons, this may pose some reliability risks. For use in open pistol categories, however, they are a significant support for the shooter, significantly reducing the rise of the weapon. Many models of compensators, however, require an external thread on the barrel for mounting, which usually involves an additional expense when buying a gun.

Czapka z wełny merynosa Helikon Winter Merino Beanie

The situation is different, however, in the case of the Mass Driver compensator from Strike Industries. Made of milled steel, the model is mounted on a dedicated rod of the return device. We only need an Allen key to install it, and the design itself does not need any modification or a special solution in the gun. Mass Driver is dedicated to Glock pistol models - depending on the model, it can fit Glock 17 or 19, Gen3 or Gen4. The device significantly reduces the phenomenon of toss, and thanks to the fact that its outline does not protrude beyond the silhouette of the zipper, it can be used in holsters with an open bottom.

HI-VIZ LiteWave Glock Fiber Optic Sights

For many people, the weakest part of the Glock design is the factory targeting instruments. While the Glock 19X uses a successful steel bow tie and pin barrel, every other model comes with polymer instruments with a distinctive U-shaped marker. The marker is not liked by many users, and the polymer construction limits functionality, making it impossible to, for example, reload against the edge of a shoe for fear of damage.

Kurtka taktyczna Helikon Gunfigther

Of course, it is possible to replace standard instruments with similar steel ones. However, if we invest in improvement, it would be worth using our funds to the maximum and finding something better not only in the material matter. A great improvement when it comes to dynamic shooting are fiber optic front sight and rear sight. They use the specificity of this material to increase the contrast - it is especially useful in shaded spaces. The LiteWave series models by HI-VIZ have a cage design that protects the optical fiber from damage, while at the same time open enough to allow it to operate effectively.



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