Feldjacken & Combat Shirts

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Our military clothing store offers uniforms and tactical trousers in the most popular designs, BDU, ACU, SFU, CPU and a range of camouflages and military colours. You can also buy at the best price from us a uniformed sweatshirt for uniforms and a Combat Shirt. The latter were created as a result of the demand of soldiers and officers for clothing allowing comfortable use of tactical vests, bulletproof and modular support systems. The combat shirt blouse should be worn in combination with good thermoactive underwear. Our military shop offers traditional olive-coloured uniformed combat shirts, green olives, coyote brown, black, as well as Multicam camouflage, WZ. 93 Pantera. We recommend products of the best manufacturers from Poland (Helikon, Kolltex, USA (Propper), Germany (MilTec).

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