EDC backpack up to 30 liters

EDC backpack up to 30 liters

A compact backpack is an item that everyone needs - it's rather difficult to argue with. Whether for everyday use or for holidays, weekend trips, etc., a small backpack - like up to 30 l - will be an invaluable support. A bag or briefcase in formal cases or simply less sporty clothes will probably be more stylistically appropriate. But if we can afford the most comfortable solutions, we will probably choose a backpack - its carrying system is simply much better suited to hold the weight.

In this list we will discuss a few models from several shelves - you will see which features are worth paying attention to, what can help you to choose a backpack for yourself. Of course, as a military shop, our offer is based on models with a "tactical" style, but we have tried to select them so that the whole review is here - from discrete with small accents in the form of a few MOLLE tapes, to specialized models created for the military.

What backpack up to 40 EUR?

We'll start with a complete classic, seen on the back of many people for years - the Small Assault Pack from Mil-Tec. Available in two versions - Laser Cut and the classic MOLLE - the backpack is based on one of the most successful and popular military backpacks in the world - Maxpedition Falcon. Thanks to the combination of the functionality of the original with an affordable price Small Assault Pack has dominated the market of compact military rucksacks.

Mil-Tec Small Assault Pack

A large number of pockets allow you to organize your luggage so that when you need quick access, you do not have to search the entire bag. Inside, you will also find several pockets and simple organisers allowing you to carry small accessories easily. Moreover, the extensive MOLLE coverage allows for a lot of configuration possibilities - we can use it as a city backpack on a daily basis, and when necessary, we can solidly expand it with modular pockets.

Low profile tactical backpack

However, not everyone fits the military style strongly, we also know that some people prefer large-volume pockets to accommodate large packages at once. So here we have something perfectly opposite to the previous model. The EDC backpack from Helikon is a minimalist, personalized platform. Here you will find the Versatile Insert System - a velour interior cover. It allows for easy attachment of pockets and organizers, as well as comfortable use of the backpack without any inside pouches.

Helikon EDC Pack

In addition, the backpack from the outside is relatively discreet - although there are MOLLE tapes, there are so few that they do not attract attention. There is also a simple beavertail made of rubber sock, which allows you to carry a lightweight jacket. A nice carrying system, the use of Cordura and dedicated solutions for the hydration system make the backpack perfect also for short field trips.

Wisport Sparrow 16, 20, 30 l

Wisport with its proven classic, the Sparrow II model, will represent a slightly higher price range. The second generation of the backpack, which enjoys unprecedented trust and excellent reputation, will provide us with the quality of workmanship and materials on a model level. Rather minimalistic in its form, with large pockets, two simple organizers and a laptop / water reservoir compartment. The carrying system has been very well polished - it ensures air circulation and good weight distribution, which combined with the foam padding guarantees long-term comfort. As for the construction itself - Wisport is famous for its indestructibility.

Wisport Sparrow

Some of us had the opportunity to see how durable the materials are in practice. Not only do the materials exhibit extraordinary resistance to mechanical wear and tear - one of our colleagues had the opportunity to find out about it when he had to attach the exhaust system to the chassis in an emergency. For this purpose, he used a tramp unfastened from his backpack Wisport - despite the very high temperature of the system, I managed to cross the road without any problems. If you are looking for a backpack for years - it is really worth investing in Wisport products.

Specialized military backpacks - Wisport ZipperFox, Caracal

The last one of our list is also Wisport - but this time we can call it a specialist model. On a stubborn one, of course, you can use it as an everyday city backpack. However, ZipperFox will reveal its full potential in tactical applications - it was created for use in military formations. Here we have a large, 25-litre chamber, which can be accessed via a U-shaped lock. It allows for instant access to the entire contents, as well as comfortable partial opening. The backpack is equipped with several organizers, and the MOLLE system, both on external and internal surfaces. We also get here a separate compartment dedicated to the hydration system with a centrally located outlet.

Mil-Tec Small Assault Pack

The carrying system also deserves attention. The exceptionally successful Semi Adjustable System allows you to adjust the harness system depending on the user's dimensions. Comfort and air circulation are of course also at the highest level. If you are going to carry heavier loads or travel long distances, the included detachable waist belt will be useful. It ensures that the weight is effectively transferred to the legs and the MOLLE straps placed on the belt will allow you to mount pockets for your essential accessories.

Our offer includes a lot of alternative models, both in terms of the variants of the backpacks mentioned here and other interesting designs. For example - ZipperFox has a 40 liter version as well as an interesting, slightly differently shaped alternative - Caracal. Wisprot Sparrow comes in two other versions that differ not only in capacity but also in the advancement of the carrying system. The Helikon EDC backpack is also available in a nylon version, and in a simplified and lighter - Lite. Mil-Tec, as we mentioned before, has a different MOLLE system, as well as its larger version. All models in a wide range of colors can be found in the SpecShop.pl online military store.



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