What hammock for field trips?

What hammock for field trips?

Hammock is the most used bed in South America and the Caribbean. It reached Europe thanks to Christopher Columbus, who came across this unusual invention during his expeditions.

Safe and simple

Why did a hammock in these areas become such a popular form of bed? We can distinguish two issues here. First of all, simplicity - a hammock is a light bed that can be unfolded and folded quickly and easily. All you need to do is find two trees or piles to which we attach our tourist bed. Secondly, safety - the inhabitants of tropical regions were very well aware of the dangers that may lie before them during sleep. We are not talking about danger from other people. The main danger was poisonous snakes and insects. The hammock hanging above the ground significantly increased the safety of the sleeping person. It was the sailors of Christopher Columbus who had the first contact with this customized sleeping invention. They also started to use hammocks on ships very quickly, because during sudden tilts they did not fall out of the deck beds but only leaned back.

Classic way of sleeping

Hammocks from the very beginning did not change their mode of operation. The only things that are improving are the details and materials from which they are currently made. In the past, they were mainly made of string braided like a fishing net equipped with two lashings. We currently have different designs and models to choose from, depending on our needs. We can choose among ultra-light one-man models, by two-person constructions equipped with a mosquito net and an undersuit and ending with pocket models reminiscent of the first hammocks.

Ultra lightweight bed

Ultra light models are dedicated to people planning long trips and travels, where the reduction of each additional kilo of luggage is at a premium. Models that weigh only 164 grams are available in this product segment! The combination of an ultralight hammock and tarpa will save us a lot of space and kilos. In extreme situations, experienced travelers sometimes give up tarpa.

Ultra-light green ENO hammock

Heavy duty hammocks

For those who appreciate, above all, the increased life of the equipment, slightly heavier models are recommended, whose construction is based on fabrics such as nylon or polyester made in Ripstop technology. Ripstop technology increases the fabric's tear resistance. These models are addressed to people who will often unfold and fold hammocks and use them in difficult weather conditions. Sometimes the additional load caused by the greater weight of the equipment will give us a guarantee that our portable bed will withstand the hardships of travel and will serve us for a long time.

Durable Lesovik hammock made of ripstop fabric


Manufacturers of tourist equipment have also not forgotten about couples who want to continue sleeping in a shared bed during the journey. Double hammocks are especially prepared for them. Double hammocks are made of a sheet of material with a larger surface and their construction is identical to that of single hammocks.

double hammock ENO Doublenest


When you have limited space in your inventory and you want to sleep comfortably,

miniature hammocks will be the best choice. They resemble the first hammocks from Amazon. Their construction is based on a structure made of nylon mesh, thanks to which they keep low weight and can be hidden even in cargo pockets in trousers. It is ideal for survival lovers.

Miniature survival hammock BCB

Every tourist or traveler has repeatedly met the principle during the journey that details make the difference; It is no different in the case of hammocks. Additional accessories that we can use with our portable bed will significantly affect the comfort of our accommodation.

Anti insect protection

The most common equipment element is a mosquito net. It will protect us at night against dangerous insects trying to get to our bed. At this point it is worth noting that we can use two variants. To buy hammock with integrated bug net, or to buyadditional bug net if our bed was not equipped with it at the factory.

Mosquito net for ENO hammock

Temperature comfort

When you plan to sleep in low temperatures, you should get an additional lining . Less than 600 grams more equipment, combined with a sleeping bag will provide us with thermal comfort and restful sleep. Such an accessory will be especially appreciated by people who freeze at night.

Insulating liner for ENO Ember hammock

Quick and easy

If we don't like making knots, we should get a mounting tape system. The straps ensure precise adjustment and a dozen or so assembly points, cooperating with carabiners located on the hammock. The tape system is also tree-friendly because it does not damage their bark during use.

The ENO assembly tape system

When you decide to travel and spend the night in a hammock, it's worth taking a tarp with you. It is a camping cloth, which we stretch over a hammock and in case of rain we can enjoy a dry bed. Usually these are rectangular-shaped constructions, although more and more often you can find constructions in the form of a hexagon with arched sides facilitating assembly.

Tarp Lesovik Groza

Why should you use hammock?

If you are not convinced to buy and use a hammock while traveling, we have a small summary for you that will help you make a decision.

Thanks to the hammock:
- you increase your safety - sleeping in a hammock you are less exposed to danger in the form of bites from venomous snakes and insects.
- you have lighter luggage - you save weight and space in your inventory.
- you are independent of the terrain - in the case of a tent, you must pay special attention to the area where you pitch the tent - it must be preferably flat and without sharp edges that can damage the tent and affect the discomfort of accommodation. For a hammock, you literally hang over unfavorable terrain.
- you sleep better - the rhythmic rocking you experience when you sleep in a hammock will more easily lead you into a deep sleep phase, and thus fully relax your muscles. We can experience a similar effect while sleeping on a boat that gently floats on the waves.
- you care about ecology - putting up a camp after a night in a hammock you will hardly leave any marks after your visit. Spending the night in a hammock suspended above the ground will not leave any marks on the litter compared to the tent.
- you are closer to nature - the hammock does not separate you from the surroundings, you can enjoy the beauty of nature all the time.

These are just a few key arguments in favor of using a hammock as a form of accommodation during trips and trips. It is certainly a very good solution and an alternative to traditional tents and foam pads. If you haven't slept this way before, it's worth checking out this solution.

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