Which tactical / outdoor pants to choose - comparison

Which tactical / outdoor pants to choose - comparison

When choosing everyday pants, we are rather guided by aesthetics and quality of workmanship, however, we require something more from functional clothing. It is supposed to make our task easier, protect us from the influence of the environment and survive slightly more serious loads than those to which our everyday clothes are subjected. We have chosen from our offer some of the most characteristic models, which we will briefly describe for you.

Mil-Tec BDU Ranger military pants

Beginning with the classics, the BDU model (Battle Dress Uniform) is a model of a uniform created in the USA in the 80s. Initially designed in Woodland camouflage, it was characterized by a form typical for that period - straight and wide legs, large cargo pockets fastened with buttons of Canadian type, durable, resistant to abrasion material. Since their introduction, many versions have been created which differ both in color and composition of the material. One such variation is Mil-Tec BDU Ranger pants.

Spodnie wojskowe Mil-Tec BDU

BDU Ranger is a combination of the classic form of militia with more modern material. Thanks to the combination of cotton and polyester reinforced with a ripstop mesh to prevent abrasion, the pants maintain high strength and at the same time increased comfort compared to the classic NYCO material. This model is perfect for off-road running for example, and in any situation where we expect our equipment to be "tired".

Helikon Pilgrim outdoor pants

Another model is also characterized by the resistance of the material, however, it definitely differs from the previous one by its more modern form. Pilgrim pants were designed by Helikon-Tex together with the SurvivalTech - polish bushcraft instructors team. The gentlemen, thanks to the vast experience gathered during years of field trips, have created a model that, thanks to exemplary ergonomics, will not disappoint us in the most difficult situations.

Nikwax Base Wash and Proof

The DuraCanvas material used in them is a combination of cotton, polyester and elastane with a definite advantage of the former. Cotton is usually not a desirable material for outdoor clothing due to its hygroscopic properties. Here, however, its other properties - tensile and abrasion resistance - are important. DuraCanvas is thick, lightweight and extremely durable - ideal when you want reliability. The pants themselves are very ergonomic, both in terms of cut and pocket placement.

Helikon Hybrid Outback Pants

A similar model is Hybrid Outback Pants. Their hybridity consists in sewing them from two types of fabric. Places exposed to abrasion and general wear are made of DuraCanvas. The stretch zones during movement are made of StormStretch material. This thin softshell type fabric is also used in lightweight jackets. It is characterized by four-way extensibility, so it does not limit the range of movement in any situation. The pockets have been designed to provide easy access and allow the organization of the equipment we carry.

Nikwax Base Wash and Proof

Helikon Urban Tactical Pants

However, sometimes we look for more universal models - with tactical / outdoor use, but a bit more subdued style. While HOP pants are perfect for demanding terrain, they may look very different from their surroundings every day. Becouse of this Helikon-Tex created Urban Tactical Pants. Relatively narrow leg, made of lightweight, breathable and classic looking materials, but still providing full maneuverability and comfort in difficult situations.

In their everyday use they will not stand out and attract unnecessary attention, thanks to which they will be perfect as an item of clothing for officers working in civilian clothes. UTP are very often used by players of all kinds of dynamic shooting formulas thanks to very high comfort and range of movement. The offer also includes the OTP model, which is a slightly more off-road version, made of softshell material.

Nikwax Base Wash and Proof

Helikon Greyman tactical pants

Sometimes, however, we need to blend in completely with our surroundings, and tactical clothing will certainly not help us. In such situations it is worth to use models created strictly for low profile applications. They will most often include functionality of tactical pants, but will be devoid of excessively "usable" elements such as exposed cargo pockets or d-ring bands.

Nikwax Base Wash and Proof

A good example will be the Greyman model, which is deprived of practically every characteristic element of tactical pants. We won't even find here reinforcements on the edges of the pockets, and the pockets themselves have been integrated to be as little exposed as possible. Nevertheless, the Greyman is an exceptionally functional model, which will allow you to store all the necessary elements of EDC equipment or even two AR-15 magazines if necessary. You can choose between simple, classic-looking DuraCanvas or thick denim versions, which do not stand out from simple jeans.

When choosing tactical or outdoor pants we must first of all define our basic and most common conditions in which they will be used. StormStretch can annoy us with rustling on a daily basis, which will be unnoticeable to us in the field. Pockets filled with Pilgrim's pockets may turn out to be a bit too "off-road" to walk around the city even though they work perfectly well in the field. Finally, all of these pants have belt loops that can accommodate the standard 38 and 45 mm tactical belts - they are perfect for cases when we carry a gun in a waistband holster. In addition, their arrangement in the UTP and Greyman models makes the holster tight and in place, which is not always certain even when using good quality models.

ModelMil-Tec Ranger BDUHelikon PilgrimHelikon Hybrid Outback PantsHelikon Urban Tactical PantsHelikon Greyman
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PurpouseOutdoor, airsoft, sportOutdoorOutdoor, trekkingUniversal, tacticalUrban, tactical
MaterialPolyCotton RipStop DuraCanvasDuraCanvas, StormStretchBawełna RipStop + elastanDuraCanvas
Inner protective padsUncompatibileCompatibileCompatibileCompatibileUncompatibile
Pocket count86686
Wide loopsNoNoYesYesYes
Reinforced pocket edgesNoYesYesYesNo
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