Stocks in case of emergency

Stocks in case of emergency

Extremely crisis situations do not usually occur suddenly, yet a large proportion of people are not prepared to function in such situations. It is worth asking yourself: Do I know how to behave during an evacuation? Do I have a working plan that will allow me to gather my family in one place? In the event of a power or water cut-off, can I ensure myself the right conditions for functioning?

Of course, prepper environments also operate in Poland. People who are preparing for a possible crisis very conscientiously and, to some extent, also combining them with other hobby activities, will certainly do great without our advice. However, this blog is directed to people who simply want to comfortably survive 2 weeks at a time when the tap runs out of water or by the oncoming coronavirus attack will be deprived of permanent access to food in stores.

Examplary equipment of bug out bag

In case of evacuation it is worth to have equipped backpack prepared

Therefore, we will skip here preparing for a long stay in the wilderness and the issue of getting food. We will focus on the most likely situations: lack of access to water, electricity and food. We also encourage you to broaden your knowledge and awareness in the subject - it will help you master a complicated situation.

Water in crisis situations

Assuming that we are already located in a safe place, and the main problem is the lack of basic elements of daily functioning. Of course, the easiest way is to maintain a constant water supply in an additional tank or, in the case of single-family houses, to have a well.

In other cases, however, we have the most readily available natural resources. Rivers, lakes and rain - despite the fact that it is fresh water, it will not always be safe to drink. Boiling such water should eliminate a large proportion of microorganisms, but there is a great risk that it will still remain resistant to high temperatures and other harmful substances.

Valuable emergency equipment - first aid kit, water filter, food rations

Apart from the filter, the first-aid kit is an important medical and hygienic element. In addition to the standard equipment, we recommend to include your everyday medication supply

This is where filters help us. However, we must remember that a homemade filter jug that removes stone-forming substances in the kettle will not cope with microbes. It will be necessary to use a membrane system such as, for example, the LifeStraw Personal water filter by Swiss company Vestergaard.

It guarantees the elimination of 99.999999% of bacteria and a similar percentage of protozoa. It also removes harmful microplastics from the water, such as Bisphenol A, which disturbs the hormonal balance of the body.

Which food will be best for emergency stocks?

The second important aspect will be food - accumulated reserves should be thought out and coordinated with our daily diet. Stocks of products that can be used and replenished, extending the validity period, are a valuable habbit.

Standard food reserves should also be supplemented with food rations - balanced meals will be useful not only at home. Thanks to the packaging method and lightness, they will be great during evacuation.

Freeze-dried LyoFood rations

Freeze-dried food is great for storage due to its long shelf life and small volume

The best solution will be Freez-dried LyoFood rations - extremely light, preservative-free, with a very long shelf life. They are also completely sterling - both in terms of taste and nutritional value.

Lack of electric energy

The most probable problem that can directly affect us is a power failure. Short breaks during the day can, at most, disturb our work or prevent some people from preparing meals. However, in the event of prolonged lack of access to energy, it is worth having a few accessories to improve your comfort.

The flashlight will be useful not only in a crisis. Compact models are EDC elements of many people and prove useful in everyday situations. We recommend two solutions here - the choice of EDC flashlight, which we will use every day or the purchase of the headlamp, which will be part of our crisis kit.

Mactronic Sniper 3.2 Flashlight

The Mactronic Sniper 3.2 flashlight allows you to adjust the width of the light beam

Rechargeable flashlights are currently very popular - for good reason. 18650 batteries are characterized by high capacity, low self-discharge and long life. However, when buying a flashlight for difficult situations, we recommend models with standard batteries - AA or AAA.

In the event of prolonged power outages, if we do not have an efficient photovoltaic cell, we will not be able to charge the flashlight anyway, however it would not be better than the battery model. In our opinion, a very good solution is to buy Petzl heandlamp compatible with the CORE battery. Using it in everyday situations, we can use the battery. However, during the crisis, we are able to power them with classic, generally available batteries.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp

Headlamps from Princeton Tec allow mounting on the attached belt and MOLLE system bands

It would be difficult to discuss here, though a small part of the preparation for unexpected situations, which is why we encourage you to read both the guides and information provided by people experienced in this topic. You can find more accessories such as first aid kits, heaters or NRC foils in the military store.

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