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Helikon tactical and outdoor jackets - which one to choose?

Helikon tactical and outdoor jackets - which one to choose?

Calendar autumn is coming soon, while its weather effects are already visible. Packing in several layers of fleece is waiting for us in three months, but now we will definitely need a good, light jacket that will protect us from wind and rain. As is a proud distributor of Helikon clothing , we would like to present you a few models that, in our opinion, deserve your attention.

We chose five jackets, each of which represents a different purpose and, therefore, completely different designs. An overview of the materials used, sewing forms and useful accessories make each Helikon jacket suitable for different tasks and circumstances. At the beginning, however, let's take a look at the Helikon offer itself - among the product lines, we will find, among others, the Bushcraft, Outback and Urban series, which include several jackets for trekking, bushcraft or tactical purposes.

Moving on, however, to the gases themselves - there is a very wide range of products of this type on the market, and due to their similarity, it is sometimes difficult to say which version will be the most suitable for us. Therefore, we would like to present you a few models that aroused our interest and which we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.

Kurtkami, które polecamy z oferty Helikona są:
  • Helikon Trooper
  • Helikon Gunfighter
  • Helikon Windrunner
  • Helikon Woodsman
  • Helikon Wolfhound

Helikon Trooper Softshell

Helikon Trooper is a softshell in the full, original sense of the word. Thin, light and, above all, breathable, it will work wherever we want to reduce the weight of the equipment. Due to its thermal properties, it will be a good choice for all physical activities - from free trekking to dynamic shooting on colder days. The StormStretch material used is characterized by two-way stretch, thanks to which the jacket does not restrict the user's movements. It also protects against the wind very well, but does not limit the removal of moisture from the inside.

Kurtka Helikon

As mentioned before, the Trooper is a classic softshell - it means it has neither a windproof membrane nor an additional insulation layer in its structure. This makes the Helikon jacket packable and light, which will be appreciated by lovers of long marches. It will also prove itself on a daily basis, being an easy to tuck into a backpack or emergency bag, which, however, does not compromise, and is a full-fledged jacket - be it city or trekking. An important feature here are also unfastened vents under the arms - they will allow us to quickly adjust the temperature inside when changing the intensity of movement. If, however, the ambient temperature was too low for the jacket itself, it works perfectly with light fleece - the Trooper protects us from the wind, while the fleece sweatshirt reduces heat loss.

Helikon Gunfighter Membrane Jacket

However, if we are looking for something for worse weather conditions, it is worth taking a look at the Gunfighter model. It is a softshell with a membrane - a less orthodox solution in this segment of jackets. Helikon Gunfighter is a three-layer jacket from the Urban line, intended for urban use. Nevertheless, the outer material called SharkSkin is also perfect for more off-road conditions, showing considerable mechanical resistance. Under the SharkSkin there is a lightweight Windstopper membrane that protects the user from the wind. An additional layer of thin fleece insulates the user from light cold and significantly improves the comfort of wearing the jacket over a short-sleeved t-shirt .

Kurtka Helikon

Jacket with a Gunfighter membrane, just like the much lighter Trooper, works great with fleece sweatshirts. However, thanks to the much better insulating properties and partial watertightness, a connection with the fleece will only be needed at low temperatures. Side vents allow for quick heat dissipation if necessary. The jacket is not as packable as its Trooper, so it is worth treating it as the main one, worn on colder days, both in the city and in the field.

Helikon Windrunner Jacket

However, not every situation requires high water resistance or solid insulation. For runners, cyclists or people who need an emergency jacket in a backpack, a windbreaker will definitely be useful. Helikon Windrunner is an ultra-light jacket without unnecessary zippers or Velcro fasteners to keep the weight and volume as low as possible. The integrated pocket is also a compression cover, which further improves the packing of the jacket - the Windrunner is therefore the perfect choice if you are going on a quick trip, fearing potentially cold wind.

Kurtka Helikon

The jacket is made of an ultra-thin nylon fabric with a smooth, non-creasing design. The flat zipper has been limited to ⅓ the length of the jacket, which makes it easy to put on the jacket, while maintaining a minimum number of places allowing the wind to pass through. All openings in the jacket are secured with light welts that seal the jacket, ensuring good insulating properties despite the low thickness of the material.

Helikon Woodsman Anorak

A similar in terms of construction, but definitely a different model is the Helikon Woodsman anorak from the Bushcraft line. Like the Windrunner, it has only a partially detachable front, which allows you to stop the wind effectively. A built-in kangaroo pocket with an organizer under the zipper allows you to carry the most necessary accessories in an easily accessible place.

Kurtka Helikon

The most interesting feature of Woodsman, however, is its hybrid construction in terms of the materials used. As the anorak in question is a typical bushcraft jacket, a material has been used in it, which, unlike softshell, is relatively resistant to sparks from a fire. This material is DuraCanvas - a non-stretchy fabric made of a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers, which translates into high durability and resistance to fire. However, in order not to limit mobility, the back of the jacket was made of a much more flexible StormStretch, which also guarantees high breathability.

Helikon Wolfhound Insulated Jacket

And finally, Wolfhound - a specific creation that combines the features of the outer and insulating layers. The most important element of the jacket is the insulation - Wolfhound uses one of the most advanced materials of this type on the market - Climashield Apex. This insulation is not only characterized by great insulating properties, but also, compared to other materials, is distinguished by a reduced susceptibility to the negative effects of seams led by it.

Kurtka Helikon

The variety of uses for the jacket is also interesting. A thin shell filled with high-quality insulation makes the Wolfhound extremely easy to compress and can be used as a lightweight emergency jacket. Its thermal properties and discreet aesthetics make it also perfect as an urban jacket, ensuring high comfort. The most important advantage, however, is the fact that it works perfectly with membrane jackets, serving as a warming layer. We can use it for winter trekking - it will take up much less space in our luggage than a fleece sweatshirt, providing better insulation properties.



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