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What to bring with you on MilSim?
Many times we meet with the players ASG questions about what to bring with you the so-called. MilSim (called. Military simulation), or military simulation organized as a form of recreation in the area, which is offered as closely as possible the conditions of a true representation of the battlefield. MilSim often takes more than 24 hours and participants in addition to good physical and mental condition also requires extensive knowledge and proper equipment, the selection of which should take into account factors such as the weather, the job, the duration of the game or role in the team.
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Tactical Combat Casualty Care - TCCC, how to take care of wounded in the field
Battlefield is a hostile and hardly predictable environment, in which death and injuries are a scary part of everyday life. In such an environment, you can not overestimate how important a quick and effective medical aid is. To help us understand and achieve that effectiveness comes a Tactical Combat Casualty Care course, or TCCC course for short. In this blog post we will take a look at its history and how important it is, we will also see what essential skills it teaches to soldiers and combat lifesavers.
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Private radio during training/service in Poland
In today's blog post, we will try to answer a question, about using your private radio communication devices on different levels and if it is allowed. We all need to remember, that what we write there, may change depending on the unit you are in, your superiors, actual situation, and the level you are planning to use your device. You should always consult your direct superior beforehand, to check, if the information provided in this post applies to your case.
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Military ranks in the Polish Armed Forces
Poland has a long and proud military history, and its military ranks reflect the country’s strong military tradition. In this blog post, we’ll give you a brief overview of different military ranks in Poland, both for land forces, air force (same as land forces), and navy which have their own names for ranks, appropriate NATO codes, responsibilities, and their significance.
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