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HexArmor is a company that has always been the same: To be the trusted advisors for your safety program. From the very beginning company has believed that safety could be better. Better cut resistance, better value, better dexterity, and better collaboration between manufacturer and customers. HexArmor set out to create the safest, highest quality products on the market, and have done so, breaking new ground in cut, puncture, needle, and abrasion resistance, all without sacrificing dexterity.

HexArmor products were developed by company team in close conjunction with top designers - customers. 

HexArmor is a leader in developing some of the most advanced PPE solutions for your hands, arms, and body. 'Leader' is not a term they use lightly, and they're happy to show you why they would be a great partner to help reduce injuries and lower costs during duty, at your facility or job site.