Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304

  • Forest II 8x42 binoculars are popular high quality binoculars, with parameters selected for versatility. It will suit practically any situation. Magnification 10x, precise optical system, waterproof housing filled with nitrogen.
Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304
Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304
Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304
Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304
Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304
Delta Optical - Forest II 8x42 Fernglas - DO-1304
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Coming from the honored and trusted binoculars in 8x42, made with high attention to the smallest details.

Thanks to its versatility and good optimization between zoom and field of view, it has gained recognition from observers from various environments, which is expressed by the second place in the "Product of the Year" 2011 in the category "Binoculars" and "Sowa z Rogowa" in the competition for the best product at the International Forestry Fair in Rogów in 2011

The 8x42 system will work well in ornithological, hunting and tourist observations during the day and at night. High-quality roof prisms are made of BaK4 glass with corrected phase, which in combination with silver coated reflective surfaces translates into extremely high brightness and sharpness of the image.

The optical system consisting of 8 elements arranged in 6 groups has been covered on all active surfaces with high quality anti-reflective multi-layer FMC coatings. Together with perfect blackening, this ensures no distortion, natural color of the image and high light transmission. Filling the interior with neutral nitrogen neutralizes the fogging of the interior.

The binoculars are also distinguished by high-class mechanics. The smoothness of handling manipulators is above average, and modern twist up eyecups allow for adjusting the length to the preferences of the observer. The knobs are located in an ergonomic way, placed on the right eyepiece enables the correction of the dioptre according to individual needs.

High mechanical and water resistance makes the product ideally suited to difficult terrain, during intense precipitation or even when briefly submerged in water (5 min, 1 m). Housing in addition to a solid workmanship is characterized by low weight and compact dimensions, which will appreciate people who take their binoculars for longer trekking.

Technical data:
- Magnification: 8 x
- Diameter of the objective lens: 42 mm
- Lens material: glass
- Anti-reflective coatings for the lenses: FMC
- Twilight efficiency: 18.3
- Relative brightness: 28.1
- Diameter of exit pupil: 5.3 mm
- Exit pupil: 17 mm
- Angular field of view: 8.5 °
- Linear field of view at 1000 m: 149 m
- Focus adjustment: central
- Minimum focus distance: 2 m
- Spectacle adjustment: 59 - 73 mm
- Diopter adjustment: - / + 5
- Prism type: roof
- Prism material: BaK4
- Prism reflector anti-reflections: yes
- Phase coatings of the roof prism: yes
- Reflective layers of the roof prism: metallic
- Water tightness: yes
- Nitrogen filling: yes
- Mounting on a tripod: 1/4 "adapter
- Dimensions: 147 x 127 x 56 mm
- Weight: 710 g

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