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SpecShop soft guns store recommends efficient LiPo rechargeable batteries and dedicated asg chargers. Every replica of an electrically driven rifle requires power supply. Depending on the strength of the mounted spring as well as the sprockets and motor used, asg recommends lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 7.4V or 11.1V. For M90 to M120 spring spring rifles we recommend LiPo 7.4V batteries. When tuning up an AirSoft replica and installing a spring from the M120 to M160 in gearbox, consider replacing the motor, sprocket, piston and of course the LiPo 11.1V battery. When selecting the capacity of the battery (MAH parameter), take into account its dimensions and the space for installation in replica soft gun. Remember that LiPo batteries should only be charged with a dedicated charger, not overcharged and not discharged below 3V for each cell. SpecShop soft gun webstore is also a range of airsoft battery chargers, t-connector and tamiya plugs.