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Available in our shop with survival, camping and military equipment, the flashlights are designed for use in various terrain and climatic conditions. You will buy your first headlamp here, which will be useful for you during a run, an evening dog walk, a night cycling trip, or car repair with Leatherman multitool. Our flashlight shop also offers Mactronic, Inova headlamps. Depending on the model, the headlights available in our store can be powered by AA, AAA, lithium CR123 batteries or rechargeable battery. You will also find professional flashlights from the leading companies Petzl, Princeton Tec, Nebo. As far as the light source is concerned, a modern headlight can be equipped with bright LEDs Led, Cree. Our shop offers the most popular models of headlamps including Bite, Vizz, Fred, Sync, M-Force, Tika, Inova STS, Tactikka, Remix, Nomad and Tikkina. When choosing a flashlight, check whether the flashlight batteries are included in the set, you will also buy them separately in our shop.