KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009

  • OC 5000 Gel HJF 400ml. Made in Germany, one of the most effective gases available on the market. For professional use, defence of domestic myrrh, against attacker / group of attackers, and aggressive animals. HJF nozzle dispersed cloud
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
KKS - Pepper Spray OC 5000 - Gel - Cloud - 400 - 510009
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OC 5000 Red Pepper Gel HJF 400 ml, inproduced in Germany pepper gas in gel KKS. Reduced to the most efficient gases available on the market without permits. Designed dof professional applications, for defense against attacker / group of attackers, also under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive agents. It is suitable for the defence of home attacker.The chemical composition has been selected so that the gas is effective against aggressive animals.

Nozzle - HJF (High Jet Fog), ejects an irritant over a long distance in the form of a heavily dispersed cloud, does not require precise targeting. The strong stream of the paralysing substance reduces its susceptibility to weather conditions (wind, rain). The HJF nozzle is characterized by the greatest range and outstanding effectiveness, especially useful in defense against a large group of attackers. It works well in places of large clusters of people where effective intervention is needed (e.g. mass events).

Head - Pistol Grip made of a damage-resistant polymer, allows a firm grip with the whole hand, also in the glove. The ergonomic shape of the head makes it easy to use the pitcher quickly while protecting against accidental use of (pin).

Capacity - choosing a manual gas thrower with the right capacity is one of the most important purchase decisions. It decides on effective defense in a situation of threat to your family and your property. The most optimal size, guarantees certain effectiveness and control of the situation during the threat. To defend against a particularly aggressive attacker / a large number of attackers ideal to protect your property, (house, apartment, car, company). At least one gas container is recommended for each floor of the building. Used by police, security agencies to secure mass events (matches, concerts).

Important! Contains an OC irritant (oleoresin capsicum or alkaline capsaicin). It causes a strong allergo-like reaction: tearing, reddening of the skin, and strong burning of the mucous membranes. In case of contact with gas, rinse eyes and face with cold water. Do not rub. Symptoms will disappear after approx. 45 min.

Technical data:

Product code: 510009

Name: OC 500 Red Pepper Spray HJF SSG-9 400 ml

The type of middle: Gel (gel)

Type of gas: Pepper

Nozzle type: HFJ (High Jet Fog), Cloud

Species of head: Pistol Grip

Scoville Heat Units: 2 000 000 SHU

Oleoresin Capsicum oil solution: 10% OC

Volume: 400 ml

Dimensions: 255 mm x 65 mm

Effective range: 7-8 m

Guarantee: on the bottom of the container

Country of production: Germany

Producer: KKS GmbH

The method of transfer / use:
1. Do not wear in hard-to-reach places.
2. Protect against mechanical damage (e.g. with keys), temperatures above 50°C (e.g. in the car) which can lead to leakage.
3. keep a safe distance during the defence.
4. direct the nozzle towards the attacker at chest or face level.
5. while spraying the paralyzing substance, do not approach the attacker, correct the direction of the gas stream.
6 The effective range of the irritant depends on weather conditions (rain, counter wind).
7. After use, it is recommended to buy a new container regardless of the amount of the remaining irritant.
8) The product contains information on how to provide pre-medical assistance.

The product contains capsaicin.

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