Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol

  • SuperCharger QE, an advanced airgun with an integrated silencer and strongest gun in 4.5mm offered on the market in one. Equipped with XRS kick reduction system for precise target shooting. High energy, large range
Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol
Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol
Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol
Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol
Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol
Hatsan - SuperCharger QE Air Pistol
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132,00 EUR
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SuperCharger QE, an advanced, strongest pistol air gun (215 m/s in 4.5mm) with integrated silencer. Perfectly finished, characterized by high energy of shots, considerable range and long aiming line. Equipped with the XRS kick reduction system for precise, recoil-free target shooting. The barrel - fully covered with a polymer cover. Precision, 7.2" long threaded (184 mm), Hatsan QE (QuietEnergy) with integrated sound suppressor, reduces gunshot noise by -50%. This solution allows maximum shot energy to be maintained and the balance of the gun is improved. The quality of the barrel has an impact on concentration, it is one of the most important elements of any weapon.

Skeleton - made of hardened polymer in black. Profiled, grooved soft rubber handle and ergonomic finger grip notches provide a secure grip, improving control over the gun.

Mounting - with 11 mm rail, allows to mount the optical sight or clamp. A robust stopper absorbs the kick after a shot, prevents the optics from moving along the rail and decalibrating.

Aiming instruments - TruGlo mechanical fiber optic aiming instruments with contrasting colors.

Solutions to improve the comfort and safety of SuperCharged QE:
- Quattro Trigger, 2-stage fully adjustable trigger mechanism. Adjustment of the length of the first (idle) and the second trigger load. Adjustment of hardness (sensitivity / resistance) of trigger tongue (Trigger Pull). Allows you to customize trigger characteristics to your requirements to ensure the best possible accuracy.
- Anti Bear-Trap Safety, protects against premature release of the spring during stretching, thus protecting against hand or finger injuries.
- XRS (Recoil Reduction System), the Recoil Reduction System absorbs the energy of the kickback by sliding. It enables precise shooting from the hand to the target. - Safety - automatic & manual protection against uncontrolled shooting.

Each air rifle is accompanied by an Energy Limit Certificate 17 J. The certificate is the only document confirming the compliance of the product features, and thus the legality of the air gun with Polish regulations.

- Model: SuperCharger QE
- Manufacturer: Hatsan
- Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177) or 5.5 mm (.22)
- Drive: break barrel
- Safety: yes
- Barrel: threaded
- Max. outlet speed:
  - 4.5 mm to 215 m/s (700 fps)
  - 5.5 mm to 180 m/s (600 fps)
- Total length: 475 mm
- Barrel length: 184 mm
- Weight: 1600 g
- Skeleton: Hardened polymer

SuperCharger QE
4.5 mm
5.5 mm
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