Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun

Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
Hatsan - AirTact PD Airgun
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87,00 EUR
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AIRTACT PD is another model of a modern, lightweight piston airgun from the popular AirTact series. Perfectly balanced, designed for those who are looking for a good, strong carbine with a proven design. Full-size barrel for easier aiming with a thumb hole. Available in calibers: 4.5 mm (.177 inch), 5.5 mm (.22 inch), 6.35 mm (.25 inch). Bestseller at a great price!

The barrel - full-size, precision, 16.5 "(420 mm) Hatsan Arms brand. Covered with a polymer cover, designed for precise shooting. The quality of the barrel has a great impact on accuracy when shooting at long distances, is one of the most important elements of any weapon. Ending barrel enlarged muzzle break facilitates airgun.

Settlement - an ergonomic set with TH thumbhole made of durable polymer. Grooving on the pistol grip and the central part of the bed provides a secure grip, also with sweaty hands. The profiled Monte Carlo cheek pad makes it easier to fold and aim. Stock suitable for right-handed and left-handed people. The rubber foot at the end of the butt absorbs recoil energy after a shot.

Assembly - tactical with a double 11 mm / 22 mm rail adapted to the Picatinny or Weaver standard. It allows you to attach any optical sight or clamp. The stopwatch integrated with the rail absorbs recoil after a shot, prevents the optics from moving along the rail and calibrates the viewfinder.

Solutions that improve the comfort and safety of AirTact PD:

Trigger mechanism without the Quattro Trigger system.
Anti Bear-Trap Safety, protects against premature release of the spring during stretching, thus protecting against injuries to the hands or fingers.
TruGlo - contrasting fiber optic sights. They allow you to shoot accurately even in low light. Front sight - red, back sight - green with the possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment.
Fuse - automatic & manual protects against uncontrolled shot.

Technical parameters table:
- max. muzzle velocity:
  - 4.5 mm to 305 m/s
  - 5.5 mm to 245 m/s
  - 6.35 mm to 200 m/s
stock - Thumbhole with MonteCarlo profile
lenght - 1104 mm (43.5 ")
barrel lenght - 420 mm (16.5 ")
weight - 2.8 kg

4.5 mm
5.5 mm
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