Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW

  • The Hatsan AT44-10 LW rifle is a powerful PCP multiple shot air gun. The precise Lothar Walther barrel will allow you to rediscover the pleasure of shooting. 1/2" UNF male thread for silencer mounting. Polymer TH stock with thumb hole and cheek pad
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
Hatsan - Lothar Walther PCP Air Gun - AT44W-10 RG LW
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589,50 EUR
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Hatsan PCP Hatsan AT44-10 LW (Lothar Walther) - strong, 10 or 9-shot (depending on the caliber) PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) type carbine with long reach, high quality workmanship. We recommend this model to lovers of all kinds of modifications.

The distinguishing feature of this model is the 19.3" long precision threaded barrel. (490 mm) from Lothar Walther. This German company is one of the most recognized manufacturers of barrels for high-performance firearms and airguns with over 80 years of tradition. The high quality of the Lothar Walther barrels has a great influence on accuracy and long distance shooting and is one of the most important elements of every weapon.

Each airgun is accompanied by an Energy Limit Certificate 17 J. The certificate is a document stating the conformity of the product's features, and thus the air rifle legality with Polish regulations.

- PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic)
type airguin - Available calibers: .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm), .25 (6.35 mm)
. - Quattro Trigger - 2-stage adjustable trigger mechanism
- Precisely threaded steel barrel
- The narrowing at the barrel's exit (called the choke) significantly improves the accuracy of the rifle
- The barrel end with 1/2" UNF male thread allows the installation of a sound attenuator, dropout compensator or separator
. - Built-in pressure gauge allows you to continuously monitor the pressure in the tank
- The swivel cover protects the air intake to the cartouche from damage.
- Anti-Knock System® - patented system to prevent loss of compressed air
- Mechanism to prevent more than one shot being loaded into the barrel
- Ergonomic stock with integrated Picantinny rail
- Ergonomic design of the stock with a thumb hole
- Adjustable cheek pad
- Cushioning foot for kickback energy
- Fully metal gilded trigger mechanism
- Grooves for 11 mm mounting rail with stopper to prevent movement of the mount/optical target after the shot
. - Micro adjustment of the front sight (left-right, top-down)
- Adjustable rear sight
- TRUGLO - Contrasting fibreglass aiming devices
- The rifle is equipped with an interchangeable 180 cc compressed air tank.
- Operating safety - automatic safety lock to prevent unwanted gunshot

- Model: AT44-10 LW
- Manufacturer: Hatsan
- Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177), 5.5 mm (.22) or 6.35 mm (.25)
- Drive: PCP
- Safety: yes
- Barrel: threaded
- Max. outlet speed:
  - 4.5 mm to 325 m/s (1070 fps)
  - 5.5 mm to 295 m/s (970 fps)
  - 6.35 mm to 265 m/s (870 fps)
- Total length: 990 mm
- Barrel length: 490 mm
- Weight: 3300 g
- Stock: A polymer stock with a thumb hole and an adjustable cheek pad

The set includes:
- Hatsan airgun PCP AT44-10 LW,
- 2 magazines,
- a set of gaskets,
- air discharge module for the cartouche,
- quick release charger,
- manufacturer's instructions,

AT44-10 RG LW
4.5 mm
5.5 mm
6.35 mm
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