Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle

  • BULLMASTER Hatsan PCP bullpup air gun.
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan - Bullmaster PCP Air Rifle
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899,50 EUR
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BULLMASTER - PCP bullpup type air gun from Hatsan Arms. Thanks to the bullpup system, the rifle's compact dimensions have been achieved, while maintaining the normal barrel length guaranteeing excellent accuracy.

The cartouche - the rifle is equipped with a fixed 500 cc compressed air tank of the English company Luxfer under the barrel and additional 30 cc air tube. Fully charged allows you to shoot from 100 to 120 shots depending on the caliber of the air gun (FAC version). Built-in pressure gauge allows you to constantly monitor the pressure in the tank, and thus the level of its charge. Charging of the cartouche due to large capacity only from a technical or diving cylinder (300 bar).

Luxfer Group - an international corporation with over 100 years of tradition and 16 factories worldwide. The company specializes in the production of high quality pressure products from advanced materials: aluminum alloys, magnesium, zirconium, titanium and carbon composites.

The barrel - fully covered with a metal cover. Precision threaded 19.7" long (500 mm) from Hatsan Arms. Choke at the barrel's outlet provides precise bullet guidance and improves rifle accuracy. The quality of the barrel affects its accuracy and is one of the most important elements of any weapon or air rifle.

Stock - bullpup type with thumbhole adapted for right and left-handed people. Made of durable, damage resistant polymer in black. Two sockets for 2 spare magazines. Adjustable to the height of the comb and the length of the rubber pad.

Mounting rail - tactical version of the air rifle without aiming devices, with double mounting rail 11 mm / 22 mm, allows the installation of any optical sight. The rail complies with MIL-STD 1913 standard (called picatinny or Weaver). An additional standard picatinny rail is placed on the bottom of the settlement. Magazines - multi-shoot clip with a capacity from 10 to 14 pellets depending on the calibre of the air gun. Three magazines included.

Oxide - black-oxidized lock chamber, other elements covered with blue finish oxide.

Optional equipment - two metal rotating handles for mounting the tactical suspension. Quick-Fill tip for filling of the cartridge from the cylinder (300 bar). The whole thing is packed in a rigid polymer case.

Safety - BULLMASTER airguns are equipped with a number of solutions improving comfort and safety of use:
- EasyAdjust system - The stock has an integrated button for adjusting the height of the pad.
- Anti-Knock System® - a patented system to prevent the loss of compressed air in the event of a mechanical impact.
- Manual safety, prevents an uncontrolled shot.

Each air rifle not exceeding 17J is accompanied by a unique Energy Limit Certificate 17 J. The certificate is a document stating the compliance of the product features, and thus the legality of the airgun with Polish regulations.

- Model: Bullmaster
- Manufacturer: Hatsan
- Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177), 5.5 mm (.22) or 6.35 mm (.25)
- Drive: PCP
- Safety: yes
- Barrel: threaded
- Max. outlet speed:
  - 4.5 mm to 320 m/s (1050 fps)
  - 5.5 mm to 295 m/s (970 fps)
  - 6.35 mm to 270 m/s (900 fps)
- Energy:
  - 4.5 mm: 27 J
  - 5.5 mm: 42 J
  - 6.35 mm: 48.5 J
- Magazine capacity:
  - 4.5 mm: 14
  - 5.5 mm: 12
  - 6.35 mm: 10
- The capacity of the cartouche: 500+30 cc
- Number of shots:
  - 4.5 mm: 100
  - 5.5 mm: 120
  - 6.35 mm: 120
- Overall length: 785 mm
- Barrel length: 500 mm
- Weight: 4700 g
- Stock: Polymer BullPup type with thumbhole

4.5 mm
5.5 mm
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