Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle

Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
Hatsan - Mod 135 Air Rifle
249,50 EUR
249,50 EUR
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Hatsan MOD 135 piston air rifle model. Modern airgun with a proven design with an extended and widened compression chamber is especially recommended for lovers of all kinds of modifications.

Barrel - Hatsan precision threaded barrel 17.7" long (450 mm).

Settlement - ergonomic made of selected Turkish walnut wood. Checkering on the pistol grip and in the middle of the forend provides a secure grip and has a decorative function. On the stock there is a profiled monte carlo comb for easy folding and aiming. The stock is suitable for both left and right-handed people. The TrioPad® rubber pad at the end of the butt allows for adjustment of the length of the stock and absorbs the energy after a shot.

Automatic safety - placed in the rear part of the cylinder protects against uncontrolled shooting. Each time the airgun spring is pulled, it is automatically activated.

Safety - the Hatsan MOD 135 air gun contains a number of unique solutions to improve comfort and safety during use:
- SaS™ (Shock Absorber System ) - a shock absorbing system, weakens the kickback that occurs when firing a spring rifle. SaS™ extends the life of the wind gun and reduces the adverse effects on the mounted optical sight.
- Quattro Trigger - two-stage adjustable trigger mechanism (adjustable pressure and trigger length). It allows to customize trigger characteristics to the user's requirements, thus improving accuracy and ease of shooting.
- Anti Bear-Trap Safety - protection against premature release of the spring while it is being tensioned, thus protecting against possible hand or finger injuries.
- TruGlo - fiber optic aiming devices with contrasting glass fiber colors allow for precise shooting even in low light.

Each air rifle is accompanied by an Energy Limit Certificate 17 J. This is a document stating the compliance of the product features and thus the legality of the airgun with Polish regulations.

- Model: MOD 135
- Manufacturer: Hatsan
- Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177), 5.5 mm (.22) or 6.35 mm (.25)
- Drive: break barrel
- Safety: yes
- Barrel: threaded
- Max. outlet speed:
  - 4.5 mm to 305 m/s (1000 fps)
  - 5.5 mm to 245 m/s (800 fps)
  - 6.35 mm to 200 m/s (650 fps)
- Total length: 1200 mm
- The length of the barrel: 450 mm
- Weight: 4200 g
- Stock: Wooden, with a profiled "Monte Carlo" comb.

MOD 135
Rodzaj sprężyny
4.5 mm
5.5 mm
6.35 mm
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