Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41

Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41
Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41
Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41
Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41
Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41
Bonowi - EKA-41 Steel Baton 16" - CamLock - 0411801-41
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182,00 EUR
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EKA-41 hardened 16" long telescopic steel baton (410 mm) of the German company Bonowi - producer of the best bars available on the market. The producer gives 10 years warranty for all steel telescopic batons: EKA-41 (16"), EKA-51 (21"), EKA-61 (24") and EKA-66 (26"). The warranty does not cover intentional destruction or use for purposes other than those intended.

EKA batons are considered by uniformed services worldwide as the best bars for professional use. Bonowi is the official supplier of telescopic batons to German police, gendarmerie and customs, among others. EKA batons are also available for Polish military and police units.

Very well balanced, made of light high-grade rust-resistant steel, ergonomic rubber handle. Increased diameter of the bar (Ø 28 mm) provides a firm grip. Patented CamLock (SmartLock) with a button. Compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to carry the bar close to the body in secret, which is important for officers working under cover.

EKA - sets new standards in defence technology. The standard Friction Loc bar is opened with a vigorous wrist movement. EKA can be opened in two ways: standard (when opening, it makes a characteristic sound that acts preventively on the aggressor) or easily unfolded with two fingers, pulling the tip of the bar. The latter is advantageous in situations where we care about discretion (no noise) or when the circumstances do not allow to perform the swing (squeeze, no space around). The bar can be closed with one hand. EKA CamLock / SmartLock has a unique system of folding the baton with the button at the end of the handle. Simply press the release button located at the end of the handle and, leaning the tip of the baton against the surface, fold the bar.

Steel - only steel 4135 is used in the production of EKA batons. Seamless cold-drawn tubes of DIN 42CrMo4 class are used in the production of the elements. Steel elements of the baton have been hardened to 55 HRC hardness, which guarantees high resistance to deformation during intensive use.

Coating - black chrome, very hard with high abrasion resistance. The type of coating applied to the steel in a process similar to galvanization. Black Chrome does not rust like other coatings, does not fall off or peel off. The Black Chrome finish provides a deep black colour and protection against corrosion.

The handle is black, made of synthetic rubber for excellent cushioning and a firm grip during use.

Technical data:
Product number: 0411801-41
Name: CamLock (SmartLock) EKA-41
Finish: Black Chrome
Type of handle: Synthetic rubber
Steel grade AISI/SAE: 4135
DIN steel type: 42CrMo4
Length folded: 180 mm / 7.09"
Length unfolded: 410 mm / 16.14"
Handle diameter: 28 mm / 1.10"
Weight: 435 g / 15.34 oz
Manufacturer: Bonowi IPE GmbH, Germany

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