Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP

  • Amalgam, a versatile folder with a wide blade made of American CPM S30V steel. Created by mechanical engineering student Brian Lai. The knife combines the advantages of Compression Lock, Round Hole technology
Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP
Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP
Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP
Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP
Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP
Spyderco - Amalgam™ Carbon Fiber / G-10 Folding Knife - C234CFP
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Amalgam Plain, designed from scratch as a practical, versatile working folder with a wide blade of American steel CPM S30V. Created by a student of mechanical engineering and knife lover Brian Lai. Amalgam combines all the benefits of Compression Lock ™, Round Hole ™ technology and a flipper to help you quickly open the blade.

CPM S30V - corrosion resistant, resistant to mechanical stress American powder steel with the addition of carbon, chromium and vanadium, hardness 58-59 HRC. This unique steel is designed for the production of high-quality blades and knives. Made in the USA at Crucible Inc.

Compression-Lock - (similar to Liner-Lock) patented by the Spyderco company lock mechanism for the blade. Extremely durable, provides extreme strength and ease of use. The handle on the back protects the knife against unintentional closing. When locking, the fingers are not in the way of the folding blade.

Blade - with a Drop Point profile, 3.5 mm thickness. Smooth blade (Plain type) was made with a full flat flat cut, mounted on special washers with ball bearings with a low coefficient of friction, ensures an incredibly smooth rotation of the blade at the opening. The flat cut guarantees excellent cutting edge geometry with a sharp tip, reduces the weight of the knife and presents a beautiful satin finish. The notched thumb ramp facilitates efficient handling of the folder. SpyderHole round cutout (patent Spyderco) and flipper allow quick opening of the blade. In the open position, the filipper also serves as a functional bottom cover (one-sided) to protect the hand from sliding off the handle.

Frame - made of solid stainless steel tiles - provides exceptional strength of the structure, while at the same time creating the base of the blockade of the blade. The whole has been screwed with torx screws to facilitate the twisting and unfolding of the folder.

Handle - laminated cladding of textured carbon fiber / G-10 (carbon fiber / G-10). G-10 material plastic, resistant to high and low temperatures, chemicals). Robust metal clip with the possibility of mounting in four planes (up / down, right / left) 4-way clip positions. In the rear part of the linings a hole (lanyard hole) enabling fixing the safety rope.

Technical Specification:
Product number: C234CFP
Name: Amalgam PlainEdge
Steel type: CPM S30V
The length of the blade: 97 mm / 3.80 "
Thickness of the blade: 3.5 mm / 0.138 "
Overall length: 226 mm / 8.90 "
Composite length: 130 mm / 5.10 "
Weight: 122 g / 4.3 oz
Cutting edge type: Plain (smooth)
Cut type: Full Flat
Lock type: Compression Lock
Handle type: Carbon Fiber / G-10
Clip: 4-position ambidextrous (Tip-Up / Down)
Country of origin: Taiwan
Producer: Spyderco, U.S.A.

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