Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C

  • Effective defensive gas. Professional head with Cone nozzle provides effective 5m range. Large 50ml container provides multiple use and defense against attackers/animals. Gel paralyzing substance. Made in Germany
Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C
Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C
Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C
Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C
Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C
Defence Nato Pepper Spray - Gel - Cone - 50 ml - 41050-C
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The effective defence gas. New reinforced formula 2 000 000 million SHU, 10 OC%. Professional head with Cone nozzle provides repeatable and effective range up to 5m. Large 50 ml container capacity ensures repeated use and defence against several attackers or aggressive animals. Paralysing substance in gel form. Made in Germany.

Gel - less prone to gusts of wind, increases the range of the gas stream and sticks the active substance to the aggressor. It reduces the effect of respiratory tract irritation indoors to the attacker only.

The head - made of polymer resistant to mechanical damage. Profiled shape facilitates quick use of the pitcher while protecting against accidental use. The design of the head guarantees each time repeatability of the gas stream (range), facilitating effective defense.

Nozzle - CONE ejects an irritant substance in the form of a cloud. It is characterized by immediate dispersion of the paralysing agent, it does not require precise aiming at the aggressor (effective defence against a group of attackers).

Capacity - selection of a manual gas thrower with an appropriate capacity is one of the most important purchase decisions which guarantees effective defense. Capacity of 50 ml is one of the most popular (used, among others, by uniformed services). An excellent alternative between the amount of paralysing agent and the size of the container.

Technical data:
Product code: 41050-C
Name: Defence NATO Red Pepper Gel 2 million SHU, Cone 50 ml
Type of medium: Gel (gel)
The kind of gas: Pepper
Kind of a nozzle: Cone (cloud)
Type of head: Classic
Scoville Heat Units: 2 000 000 SHU
Oleoresin Capsicum oleoresin solution: 10% OC
Capacity: 50 ml
Dimensions: 112 mm x 35 mm
Effective range: 5 m
Warranty: on the bottom of the container
Country of origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Sharg, Poland

The method of transfer / use:
1. Do not wear in hard-to-reach places.
2. Protect the container from: mechanical damage (e.g. with keys), temperatures above 50°C (e.g. in the car) that could lead to leakage.
3. keep a safe distance during the defence.
4. point the nozzle towards the attacker at chest or face level.
5. while spraying the paralyzing substance, do not approach the attacker, correct the direction of the gas stream.
6 The effective range of the irritant depends on weather conditions (rain, counter wind).
After use, it is recommended to buy a new container regardless of the amount of the remaining irritant.
8) The product contains information on how to provide pre-medical assistance.

Product contains capsaicin.

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