Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para

Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para
Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para
Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para
Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para
Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para
Canik - TP9 SF Combat Pistol - 9x19 mm Para
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The flagship model of the Turkish pistol manufacturer powered by ammunition 9x19 mm Para, created in cooperation with Salient Arms International using the highest quality parts and solutions.

Like all TP series models, the model is based on a polymeric frame with an ergonomic cut and removable rear panels that can be adapted to the size of the user's hand. The Elite Combat features a magwell for quick magazine changes and a slightly more rounded trigger guard.

The manipulators have been placed similarly to the sports model SFx so that they are characterized by a high comfort of use. The magazine release has a possibility of adjustment so we can easily adjust it to the needs of the situation.

The Canik Enhanced Trigger flat SAO trigger is made of milled aluminium with nickel-plated inner parts for excellent smoothness. A mechanical safety integrated in the trigger prevents uncontrolled shot. The gun is also equipped with a cartridge presence indicator in the chamber and a firing pin tension indicator.

The slide is equipped with a port enabling the use of electro-optical devices in four configurations corresponding to the most popular profiles. Protection against negative environmental influences was achieved by nitriding, which resulted in the Tenifer™ coating.

. The SAI Fiber Optic Sight sight based on a fiber optic front is ideal for dynamic sports. The dovetail mount allows for horizontal adjustment for rear sight and possible replacement with another model that best suits your preference.

Precise nitrided barrel of match grade was fluted what relieve it, stiffen and increase the surface area of heat dissipation. The end is equipped with a metric M13.5x1 LH thread to allow the use of muzzle devices. In case of lack of use, it remains secured with an aesthetic nut.

The frame contains a magazine with a capacity of 15 rounds, but the set also includes a second model, equipped with an enlarged aluminum floorplate, with an additional capacity of 3 rounds.

- Salient Arms Interational developed the highest quality parts
- Grooved, nitrided barrel of Match Grade for high precision
- Nut-protected thread for muzzle devices
- Excellent trigger with a flat sports profile
- Short reset to facilitate dynamic shooting
- Nickel-plated trigger mechanism for above-average smoothness
- Safety systems in the trigger, firing pin and chamber indicators
- Fibre optic SAI sights
- Magwell for easy magazine replacement
- Adjustable size magazine release
- Replaceable rear panels with different thicknesses
- Integrated Picatinny rail
- Tenifer™ corrosion protection

- 1 x Pistol
- 1 x Dedicated polymer holster
- 1 x Magazine - 15 rounds
- 1 x Magazine - 18 rounds
- 4 x Collimator mount
- 1 x Quick charger
- Replaceable rear panels
- Exchangeable magazine release pads
- Cleaning kit

Caliber: 9x19 Para Length: 200 mm
Height: 134 mm
Width: 38 mm
Weight: 803 g
Barrel length: 120 mm
Trigger mechanism: SA
Magazine capacity: 15/18
Trigger weight SA: 28 N

9x19 Para
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