Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N

  • Muela MIRAGE-18N solid versatile knife with a fixed blade will stand the job in all conditions. A great tool at an attractive price. Clip Point blade 420H steel coated with a scratch-resistant, non-reflective PTFE coating. Handle elastomer.
Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N
Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N
Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N
Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N
Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N
Muela - Tactical Knife Rubber Handle 180mm - MIRAGE-18N
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49,50 EUR
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MIRAGE-18N universal tactical knife with a fixed blade, which you will love from the first look. MIRAGE knives are one of the most recognizable knives of the Spanish Muela Company. Extremely versatile with a massive blade, it can withstand any work in any conditions. Excellent survival knives, for camping they will work as tactical and hunting knives.

Blade - with a Clip Point profile, thickness 4.7 mm, covered with a black, scratch-resistant matte non-reflective PTFE coating. Manufactured from 420H stainless steel with increased carbon content and high impact strength, hardened in the range of 54-58 HRC. At the base of the steel blade on both sides of the hedge protects against slipping of the hand on the blade.

Edge - brought out with a concave cut (Hollow Grind). About 20% of the length is a serrated Combo blade for aggressive cutting, among others ropes, belts and 80% surface Classic Plain blade for precision cutting - providing good cutting and penetrating properties.

Handle - covered with elastic knitted elastomer closure in black color. The soft rubber handle guarantees very good grip, the knife does not slip out of the hand, and the strong and firm grip allows you to make precise movements with a knife. In the back of the handle was placed an enlarged gap for the cable.

Case - in black color. Made of natural leather, fastened with a snap fastening allows safe carrying of the knife. The edges of the sheath were sewn with a decorative thread. The embossed manufacturer's logo on the front. The sheath has a belt attachment or packs to carry the knife in a vertical position.

Technical Specification:
Product number: MIRAGE-20
Steel type: 420H
The length of the blade: 200 mm / 7.87"
Thickness of the blade: 4.6 mm / 0.18"
Overall length: 325 mm / 12.80"
Weight: 375 g / 13.23 oz
Blade: Plain
Type of blade: Clip Point
Cut type: Concave
Handle type: Termorun
Sheath: Leather
Producer: Muela, Spain

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