Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550

  • A powerful headlamp equipped with an advanced power system. 550 lumens power and range up to 120 meters. Built-in heatsink and overheating protection. Waterproof housing and battery compartment. Power level indicator, 7 light modes.
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
Princeton Tec - APEX Headlamp - 550 lumens - Black - APX550
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Apex is, as the name suggests, the top form of the Princeton Tec headlamp. High power, long working time, five different modes of operation and a durable, waterproof construction make it a choice of the most demanding users - cavers, climbers and rescuers.

Apex features a powerful Maxbright LED - with an intense, focused light output and a range of up to 120 metres - and four additional Ultrabright LEDs that emit softer, more diffuse light. They are operated via two rubberized buttons at the bottom of the flashlight.

Maxbright has three modes of light - high, medium and low - and Ultrabright has four more modes of light - high, medium, low and flashing. It is also possible to individually adjust the light level of the diodes, thanks to the light damping functionality, which you can access by holding down the button.

Both the torch housing and the battery compartment are waterproof, in accordance with the requirements of IPX7 standard - resistant to immersion in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. It is not afraid of intense rain or even a short, accidental bath.

4 AA batteries, which are the power source for the flashlight, can be opened without any additional tools thanks to the special shape of the wristband regulators, which also act as a key. A platinum neutralizer is placed in the middle of the container to prevent the accumulation inside the hydrogen that may be emitted by certain types of batteries.

Battery level indicator, in the form of a small tricolour LED located on the front of the case, allows you to estimate the remaining amount of energy and time of light. Thanks to the built-in Regulated LED system, the flashlight maintains a constant level of brightness as long as the battery level permits - unlike traditional LEDs, which start to lose power immediately when the power source is discharged.

Due to the high power of the diodes used in the flashlight and their long life, Apex is equipped with a heat sink and automatic system to protect the flashlight from overheating. When a dangerous overheating of the diodes is detected, the system will automatically lower the power of the flashlight gradually to a level that will allow the device to lower the temperature.

- Five modes of lighting: Maxbright high, Maxbright low, Ultrabright high, Ultrabright low, Ultrabright strobe
- Battery discharge indicator
- Easy to use
- Easy battery replacement
- Large range head angle adjustment (over 90°)
- Efficient heat sink
- Lightweight and waterproof construction
- Small size
- Adjustable, flexible band
- Certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

- Light source: 1x Maxbright REGULATED LED (white), 4x Ultrabright REGULATED LED (white)
- Light output: 550 lumens
- Maximum light output time (alkaline batteries):
  - Maxbright high: 72 h (of which 1 h in REGULATED mode)
  - Maxbright low: 96 h (of which 7 h in REGULATED mode)
  - Ultrabright high: 100 h (of which 7 h in Regulated mode)
  - Ultrabright low: 150 h (of which 14 h in REGULATED mode)
  - Ultrabright strobo: 200 h
- Maximum light range: 120 m (Maxbright), 43 m (Ultrabright)
- Power supply: 4 x AA (alkaline or lithium) - included
- Water resistance: Level 2 (IPX7 equivalent)
- Weight: 279 g with batteries
- Case colour: black
- Color of the battery box: grey

Manufactured in the USA.

Safety Certificate of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL): Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D, Class II Division 2 Groups F & G
Temperature code of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL): T4 (≤135°C)

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